VERSUS Matchmaking got improved
We are investing a lot of time and work into evaluation and surveillance of VERSUS' matchmaking to offer you the best possible gaming experience. Each modification takes some time to monitor before you can see the real impacts. But it was about time to make some bigger adjustments, which will enhance the fun of your VERSUS matches.

VERSUS Matchmaking Improvements

The update includes some adjustments of the matchquality calculation. From now on an additional factor will calculate parties and the general matchmaking got adjusted. Furthermore, a few bugs have been fixed, which could cause some problems in exceptional circumstances.

But what does this mean for you? In first place, more exciting and entertaining matches. It may happen, that you have to wait a little longer before you will find a match. We will keep an eye on the progress and will implement further adjustments if necessary. Good luck and have (more!) fun with our improved matchmaking.


We just released another update to matchmaking which may cause a lot longer waiting times, but it should make sure that the quality of the match (more fun, more excitement, fairer matches) is improved a lot. We will need to fine adjust the system over the next few days, but it should already work a lot better now.

Luke, Saturday, 05/05/12 16:19
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