UK in the ENC
Team UK have two teams in the European Nations Championship, both Quake Live and Counter-Strike: Source are looking to qualify for the finals! Read more to see how they are doing, and what chances they have of qualifying!
Currently at the midpoint of the season, here is a round-up of how the teams have been doing thus far, and what chances they have of qualifying.

Counter-Strike: Source

United Kingdom finished 4th last season, which most countries would be very proud of. However for a nation so rich in CS:S history it simply wasn't good enough. This season they are back with a vengeance, led by one of the best players in Europe right now, Henry "HenryG" Greer.

The team began their campaign against the toughest opponent in the group and last years runners-up, France. Unfortunately for the Brits, some last minute roster issues left the team unpractised and unprepared, and the French capitalised on this to take the match 2:0 on maps.

Roster issues sorted, the next team up was the other seeded team, Czech Republic. What was thought to be the game to decide 2nd and 3rd began with a tight game on de_tuscan but the team pulled through 16:14. Followed by a 16:3 destruction on de_dust2. The star player was Lewis "Hughsy" Hughes who top scored on every half and hitting a 27-7 on Tuscan to keep the team on course.

Next up were Poland, a somewhat unknown nation in CS:S. The team took no chances, fielding a full line-up. After a very close 16:14 on de_dust2 the team took the 2:0 win with a 16:9 victory on de_inferno.

The team still have to play Sweden and Portugal. Winning both will put the team 2nd in the group, and set up a game vs 3rd from Group A to decide who will attend the ENC Finals at Gamescom in August!

Current record: 2-0-1
Predicted record: 4-0-1
Chances for qualification: High

Quake Live

This is the first year Quake Live has been included in the European Nations Championship, and it has been a great addition. I myself have watched various matches throughout the tournament on live streams such as lvl^ and holysh1t.

Team United Kingdom this year has been lead by Stuart "Disrepute" Evans, a well known TDM player in the UK scene and also one of the casters on lvl^.

After getting off to a good start against Denmark with a 2:0 win, the team came up against the top two teams in the group, Russian Federation and Poland, losing 2:1 and 2:0 respectively with all the maps being very tight games. David "deus" Kinnaird has been instrumental to the UK team, his highlight being a 65:29 score against Denmark.

All is not lost for the team however, as they come up against Finland and Hungary who should prove to be easier opponents. The addition of UK Quake legend James "Toogood" Harding to the roster provides a huge boost entering the final phase of the group stage.

Current record: 1-0-2
Predicted record: 3-0-2
Chances for qualification: Good
messioso, Wednesday, 02/06/10 19:56
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