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created action
20.06.06 21:37h ESL Turkey register_team  SeLo
20.06.06 21:42h ESL Turkey new_member  Rumil
20.06.06 21:42h ESL Turkey new_member  xe
20.06.06 21:52h ESL Turkey new_member  Doctor Neo
20.06.06 22:06h ESL Turkey new_child  ESL Turkey CS
20.06.06 22:09h ESL Turkey new_child  ESL Turkey FIFA
20.06.06 23:05h ESL Turkey new_member  Ton7c
21.06.06 20:35h ESL Turkey new_member  judge
21.06.06 20:42h ESL Turkey new_member  Crasher
21.06.06 20:42h ESL Turkey new_member  zxc
21.06.06 20:43h ESL Turkey new_member  Jander
21.06.06 20:44h ESL Turkey new_member  kinslayer
21.06.06 20:48h ESL Turkey new_member  BXPaCe
21.06.06 22:16h ESL Turkey new_member  Killman
22.06.06 00:01h ESL Turkey new_member  Cavalier
22.06.06 09:34h ESL Turkey new_member  Disaster
22.06.06 12:50h ESL Turkey new_member  SEPHIROTH
22.06.06 12:55h ESL Turkey change_name  ESL Turkiye
22.06.06 12:58h ESL Turkiye new_child  Dark Passage
22.06.06 13:02h ESL Turkiye new_member  venza
22.06.06 13:03h ESL Turkiye child_leave  Dark Passage
22.06.06 19:18h ESL Turkiye new_member  Mire
22.06.06 21:17h ESL Turkiye new_member  Neo
22.06.06 23:22h ESL Turkiye new_member  Soulhex
01.07.06 14:59h ESL Turkiye new_member  SoMB
06.07.06 16:17h ESL Turkiye new_member  CeRo
07.08.06 16:07h ESL Turkiye new_member  injstc
07.08.06 17:01h ESL Turkiye new_member  minique
11.08.06 13:45h ESL Turkiye new_member  xylm
16.08.06 00:10h ESL Turkiye new_member  koraY
03.09.06 20:26h ESL Turkiye kick_member  Soulhex
11.09.06 23:59h ESL Turkiye new_member  KinGAhmet
24.09.06 20:24h ESL Turkiye new_member  zir_green-afm-
26.09.06 18:48h ESL Turkiye new_member  piyade
12.10.06 20:58h ESL Turkiye child_leave  ESL SC-BW Turkiye
12.10.06 21:06h ESL Turkiye leave_member  zir_green
19.10.06 11:38h ESL Turkiye kick_member  KinGAhmet
19.04.07 23:29h ESL Turkiye kick_member  koraY
26.11.07 14:12h ESL Turkiye new_member  grynn
14.01.08 15:41h ESL Turkiye leave_member  Rumil
18.03.08 17:34h ESL Turkiye child_leave  ESL Turkiye FIFA
18.03.08 17:34h ESL Turkiye child_leave  ESL Turkiye Call of Duty 2
18.03.08 17:34h ESL Turkiye child_leave  ESL Turkiye CSS
18.03.08 17:35h ESL Turkiye child_leave  ESL Turkiye CS
18.03.08 17:37h ESL Turkiye set_parent  Elite Admins Europe
18.03.08 17:38h ESL Turkiye new_child  ESL Turkiye CS
18.03.08 17:38h ESL Turkiye new_child  ESL Turkiye CSS
18.03.08 17:38h ESL Turkiye new_child  ESL Turkiye Call of Duty 2
18.03.08 17:38h ESL Turkiye new_child  ESL Turkiye FIFA
18.03.08 17:39h ESL Turkiye change_name  Elite Admins Turkey
24.07.08 01:51h Elite Admins Turkey deleted_from_team  Cavalier
03.08.08 01:32h Elite Admins Turkey deleted_from_team  Disaster
08.09.08 02:20h Elite Admins Turkey deleted_from_team  injstc
09.09.08 02:59h Elite Admins Turkey deleted_from_team  zxc
18.11.08 00:22h Elite Admins Turkey deleted_from_team  JS
23.11.08 00:22h Elite Admins Turkey deleted_from_team  CeRo
21.12.08 19:19h Elite Admins Turkey change_name  Staff Turkey
13.01.09 19:38h Staff Turkey leave_member  SeLo
13.02.09 20:10h Staff Turkey leave_member  venza
18.03.09 00:22h Staff Turkey deleted_from_team  xe
22.09.09 04:38h Staff Turkey leave_member  xylm
01.10.09 00:36h Staff Turkey deleted_from_team  SEPHIROTH
21.10.09 00:33h Staff Turkey deleted_from_team  piyade
15.11.09 14:16h Staff Turkey leave_member  Jeffrey
06.03.10 21:57h Staff Turkey leave_member  judge
19.03.11 00:24h Staff Turkey deleted_from_team  Mire
23.11.11 17:39h Staff Turkey leave_member  Crasher
09.06.12 16:31h Staff Turkey new_member  NZ4M
09.06.12 16:33h Staff Turkey kick_member  grynn / by 5203552
09.06.12 16:33h Staff Turkey kick_member  Killman / by 5203552
09.06.12 16:33h Staff Turkey kick_member  Neo / by 5203552
09.06.12 16:33h Staff Turkey kick_member  Neo / by 5203552
09.06.12 16:33h Staff Turkey kick_member  SoMB / by 5203552
09.06.12 16:44h Staff Turkey new_child  Staff Turkey .Support TR
09.06.12 16:45h Staff Turkey new_child  Staff Turkey .COD4
09.06.12 18:54h Staff Turkey new_child  Staff Turkey .Editors
12.06.12 13:56h Staff Turkey new_member  akara
14.06.12 12:32h Staff Turkey new_member  ArminA
14.06.12 14:53h Staff Turkey new_member  noth1ng
29.06.12 15:05h Staff Turkey set_nationalteam_status  ESL Turkey
29.06.12 15:05h Staff Turkey change_name  ESL Turkey
17.10.12 22:25h ESL Turkey new_member  MrkiLLerMan88
21.04.15 21:37h ESL Turkey kick_member  Krak3n / by 3519648
25.11.15 00:12h ESL Turkey new_member  Bugateg
25.11.15 00:13h ESL Turkey kick_member  ArminA / by 8072650
25.11.15 00:14h ESL Turkey kick_member  akara / by 8072650
25.11.15 00:15h ESL Turkey kick_member  noth1ng / by 8072650
25.11.15 00:15h ESL Turkey kick_member  NZ4M / by 8072650
25.11.15 01:06h ESL Turkey new_member  GGSecretSword
25.11.15 19:26h ESL Turkey new_member  Mishu
26.11.15 12:28h ESL Turkey new_member  cabixo
27.11.15 12:48h ESL Turkey new_member  fragilew0w
06.12.15 15:46h ESL Turkey new_member  Arven

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