History WoH e.V.
created action
17.05.06 08:31h Warriors of Hell register_team  LUZIV3R
17.05.06 18:01h Warriors of Hell new_member  Ein Mann Armee
19.05.06 19:37h Warriors of Hell new_member  svopper
13.06.06 19:09h Warriors of Hell new_member  WoH Pitbull
14.06.06 21:46h Warriors of Hell join_league  Ger Call of Duty 2 4on4 Ladder
22.06.06 23:40h Warriors of Hell new_member  WoH blackroddy
06.07.06 20:29h Warriors of Hell leave_member  GHOSTR1D3R
30.09.06 18:13h Warriors of Hell new_member  SL1CK
30.09.06 18:25h Warriors of Hell new_member  WoH D3MAR
30.09.06 18:32h Warriors of Hell new_member  freak
01.10.06 17:50h Warriors of Hell new_member  WoH BLKLBL
29.10.06 15:00h Warriors of Hell new_member  WoH NEMESIS
02.11.06 21:38h Warriors of Hell new_member  BLUTONIUM
03.11.06 04:49h Warriors of Hell new_member  WoH MARTIN
03.11.06 05:04h Warriors of Hell new_member  WoH L3NS3N
03.11.06 05:12h Warriors of Hell new_member  WoH PITBULL
15.11.06 18:33h Warriors of Hell new_member  WoH PLUTO ALPHA
15.11.06 19:36h Warriors of Hell new_member  WoH Count Nefas
17.11.06 14:20h Warriors of Hell new_member  WoH VALNES
08.12.06 19:34h Warriors of Hell new_member  WoH GacY1
13.12.06 17:54h Warriors of Hell new_member  Erzengel Lucius
13.12.06 18:33h Warriors of Hell new_member  spankz87
16.12.06 20:35h Warriors of Hell new_member  jaegarn-X
21.12.06 17:04h Warriors of Hell join_league  Ger Call of Duty 3 5on5 COD 3 360 Mag Cup
23.12.06 18:44h Warriors of Hell new_member  King
25.12.06 03:15h Warriors of Hell new_member  Walker
25.12.06 14:14h Warriors of Hell new_member  RiZa
27.12.06 13:18h Warriors of Hell new_member  Tru3B X
29.12.06 01:27h Warriors of Hell new_member  VorteX Ch33ch
01.01.07 19:46h Warriors of Hell new_member  WoH MARTIN
03.01.07 14:40h Warriors of Hell kick_member  Ein Mann Armee
03.01.07 14:41h Warriors of Hell kick_member  Erzengel Lucius
06.01.07 18:21h Warriors of Hell new_member  WoH D00MH4MM3R
07.01.07 18:12h Warriors of Hell kick_member  WoH MARTIN
08.01.07 15:49h Warriors of Hell leave_member  jaegarn-X
16.01.07 22:35h Warriors of Hell kick_member  WoH xXQuiCkyXx
20.01.07 16:47h Warriors of Hell new_member  ch3m1ker
21.01.07 16:39h Warriors of Hell new_member  Hurric4n3 RUN
26.01.07 17:09h Warriors of Hell new_member  WoH LAGOHAI
27.01.07 00:24h Warriors of Hell new_member  McJohny
01.02.07 16:54h Warriors of Hell new_member  TH3 CAT
04.02.07 14:02h Warriors of Hell kick_member  WoH PITBULL
04.02.07 14:02h Warriors of Hell kick_member  svopper
04.02.07 14:03h Warriors of Hell kick_member  WoH PLUTO ALPHA
04.02.07 18:16h Warriors of Hell new_member  WoH xXCaTTyXx
10.02.07 08:09h Warriors of Hell leave_member  WoH KING
10.02.07 12:57h Warriors of Hell new_member  LiL PimP
15.02.07 13:51h Warriors of Hell new_member  WoH LiL 2Pac
19.02.07 13:48h Warriors of Hell new_member  WoH AcidJunkie
24.03.07 17:51h Warriors of Hell new_member  druSja :: RoBinHo
07.04.07 15:31h Warriors of Hell new_member  Shaitan
10.04.07 12:01h Warriors of Hell kick_member  WoH xXCaTTyXx
10.04.07 12:02h Warriors of Hell kick_member  WoH BLKLBL
16.04.07 13:40h Warriors of Hell leave_member  F4F Der Shaitan
26.04.07 15:21h Warriors of Hell new_child  WoH.Easy Going
05.05.07 13:26h Warriors of Hell child_leave  Die Bubilies
05.05.07 16:57h Warriors of Hell new_member  WoH Capp3r
06.05.07 17:06h Warriors of Hell child_leave  WoH.PES6 TEAM TwO
06.05.07 17:18h Warriors of Hell leave_member  xXRoBinHoXx
06.05.07 19:39h Warriors of Hell child_leave  WoH.PES6
06.05.07 19:39h Warriors of Hell leave_member  druSja :: LaGoHai
07.05.07 09:17h Warriors of Hell leave_member  LiL PimP
08.05.07 18:16h Warriors of Hell kick_member  WoH VALNES
08.05.07 18:16h Warriors of Hell kick_member  WoH LiL 2Pac
09.05.07 22:38h Warriors of Hell leave_member  WoH NEMESIS
11.05.07 13:47h Warriors of Hell new_member  Kan
15.05.07 01:26h Warriors of Hell new_member  BAdbOY X
15.05.07 19:14h Warriors of Hell child_kick  WoH.PES6 TEAM OnE
15.05.07 19:15h Warriors of Hell child_kick  WoH.CoD2.German Ownage
15.05.07 19:15h Warriors of Hell child_kick  WoH.Poker
15.05.07 19:15h Warriors of Hell child_kick  WoH.Pes6
15.05.07 19:15h Warriors of Hell child_kick  WoH.GoW 2on2 Crew
15.05.07 19:16h Warriors of Hell child_kick  WoH.GoW
15.05.07 19:42h Warriors of Hell new_member  WoH Nighthawk
15.05.07 21:44h Warriors of Hell new_member  Doni BaRoni
18.05.07 17:53h Warriors of Hell new_member  doKtor
05.06.07 11:30h Warriors of Hell new_child  WoH CoD3 Die Hard
05.06.07 12:31h Warriors of Hell new_child  Deadly Eyes
08.06.07 12:44h Warriors of Hell new_member  II VinZ II
17.06.07 21:49h Warriors of Hell new_member  Kamoie
23.06.07 12:15h Warriors of Hell new_child  Warriors of H3LL - DiRT
23.06.07 12:18h Warriors of Hell new_member  WoH H3LLBoY
10.07.07 01:32h Warriors of Hell new_member  LiL PimP
22.07.07 22:45h Warriors of Hell new_member  PDM
22.07.07 23:49h Warriors of Hell child_kick  asdfghjkl
22.07.07 23:50h Warriors of Hell child_kick  WoH.DiRT
23.07.07 21:09h Warriors of Hell kick_member  McJohny
24.07.07 17:27h Warriors of Hell leave_member  H3LLBoY
27.07.07 02:34h Warriors of Hell new_member  WoH H34DCOR3
27.07.07 03:18h Warriors of Hell new_member  WoH I3lizZarD
27.07.07 10:30h Warriors of Hell new_member  WoH Jabba81
28.07.07 02:16h Warriors of Hell new_member  WoH Sparks1986
31.07.07 17:37h Warriors of Hell new_member  Kremator
01.08.07 22:44h Warriors of Hell new_member  WoH x PreDatoR
02.08.07 14:11h Warriors of Hell new_member  WoH X NEMESIS X
03.08.07 07:49h Warriors of Hell kick_member  WoH Nighthawk
05.08.07 22:40h Warriors of Hell new_member  WoH xFIGHTERx
09.08.07 21:02h Warriors of Hell kick_member  xXPimPXx
16.08.07 16:03h Warriors of Hell new_member  EL P4BLO
02.09.07 01:49h Warriors of Hell new_member  THorn47Dante
04.09.07 21:35h Warriors of Hell leave_member  Walker
05.09.07 16:58h Warriors of Hell child_leave  PoKeRface's
05.09.07 19:26h Warriors of Hell leave_member  II VinZ II
06.09.07 22:07h Warriors of Hell child_leave  CoD4.Prison.Breaker
10.09.07 12:53h Warriors of Hell child_leave  WoH.CoD2
10.09.07 12:55h Warriors of Hell leave_member  RiZa
28.09.07 16:01h Warriors of Hell leave_member  doKtor
01.10.07 00:15h Warriors of Hell kick_member  Hurric4n3 RUN
01.10.07 00:26h Warriors of Hell new_member  BLooDy
06.10.07 16:03h Warriors of Hell new_member  r0aDi
06.10.07 16:03h Warriors of Hell new_child  WoH.PES2008
10.10.07 20:43h Warriors of Hell new_member  Phips 14
10.10.07 20:49h Warriors of Hell new_member  ReFlow
10.10.07 21:42h Warriors of Hell kick_member  WoH Count Nefas
11.10.07 17:06h Warriors of Hell new_member  ITbI John
13.10.07 12:21h Warriors of Hell new_member  Bananenbrot
14.10.07 17:04h Warriors of Hell child_leave  da real Atze Peng und Atze Knallkopf XD
15.10.07 23:08h Warriors of Hell new_member  pB Moon
31.10.07 16:53h Warriors of Hell kick_member  TH3 CAT
31.10.07 16:53h Warriors of Hell kick_member  WoH D00MH4MM3R
31.10.07 16:59h Warriors of Hell child_leave  WoH CoD3 Die Hard
31.10.07 16:59h Warriors of Hell child_kick  WoH.CnC3.2on2
31.10.07 16:59h Warriors of Hell child_kick  WoH.CnC3.2on2
31.10.07 17:00h Warriors of Hell child_kick  WoH Cod3 Deadly Eyes
03.11.07 12:48h Warriors of Hell leave_member  Sparks1986
04.11.07 20:51h Warriors of Hell new_member  iRon
06.11.07 20:53h Warriors of Hell new_member  WoH PLUTO ALPHA
06.11.07 20:53h Warriors of Hell new_member  WoH PLUTO ALPHA
12.11.07 08:05h Warriors of Hell kick_member  BLooDy
15.11.07 09:12h Warriors of Hell kick_member  TRu3B X
15.11.07 09:13h Warriors of Hell kick_member  WoH I3lizZarD
20.11.07 17:22h Warriors of Hell new_child  WoH.Fifa08
20.11.07 23:37h Warriors of Hell kick_member  Moon
20.11.07 23:38h Warriors of Hell kick_member  Bananenbrot
06.12.07 05:55h Warriors of Hell kick_member  ITbI John
06.12.07 05:56h Warriors of Hell kick_member  Phips 14
06.12.07 05:56h Warriors of Hell kick_member  ReFlow
06.12.07 05:56h Warriors of Hell kick_member  iRooon
06.12.07 21:14h Warriors of Hell child_kick  WoH Spitzbuben
06.12.07 21:15h Warriors of Hell child_kick  WoH.Halo 3
10.12.07 02:33h Warriors of Hell kick_member  WoH PDM
10.12.07 18:13h Warriors of Hell new_member  NinthShakazuma
07.01.08 21:45h Warriors of Hell child_kick  CoD4. Ultra Breit
08.01.08 18:11h Warriors of Hell new_member  SaD I theCROW
13.01.08 17:48h Warriors of Hell new_child  WoH.SiSterS
13.01.08 19:55h Warriors of Hell new_member  Mendivel
19.01.08 23:47h Warriors of Hell new_member  Deniz
22.01.08 11:45h Warriors of Hell new_member  P4G4NNY
31.01.08 15:23h Warriors of Hell new_member  CroNik Iv2I
31.01.08 15:25h Warriors of Hell new_child  WoH Dr. Sommer Team
31.01.08 15:26h Warriors of Hell new_child  WoH.CoD4.Am0k
08.02.08 21:23h Warriors of Hell new_member  ParadoX
20.02.08 20:05h Warriors of Hell new_child  WoH.COD4 GB
20.02.08 21:40h Warriors of Hell child_leave  WoH.COD4 GB
21.02.08 16:47h Warriors of Hell new_member  EliteProGamer
18.03.08 03:50h Warriors of Hell child_leave  WoH.COD4 WuHa Oscar
23.03.08 22:18h Warriors of Hell new_member  xxxMANHUNTERxxx
24.03.08 11:49h Warriors of Hell new_member  xx MANGI xx
24.03.08 15:39h Warriors of Hell new_member  K1 AERTS
25.03.08 15:35h Warriors of Hell new_member  oO ImpacT Oo
26.03.08 01:35h Warriors of Hell new_member  Cello
27.03.08 17:15h Warriors of Hell new_member  Diablo SV
28.03.08 13:05h Warriors of Hell new_member  qG Husii
28.03.08 13:05h Warriors of Hell new_member  qG Husii
29.03.08 16:51h Warriors of Hell new_member  niHaT I nK777
03.04.08 10:25h Warriors of Hell new_member  GoTaGa
03.04.08 16:34h Warriors of Hell new_member  G37 JoY
03.04.08 20:49h Warriors of Hell new_member  Killjano
03.04.08 22:54h Warriors of Hell new_member  WoH l LENSEN l
05.04.08 15:17h Warriors of Hell new_member  Sparks1986
06.04.08 21:15h Warriors of Hell new_member  FaT4LiTy
08.04.08 17:32h Warriors of Hell leave_member  WoH FrEAkY
08.04.08 18:38h Warriors of Hell new_member  Daniel360
08.04.08 21:47h Warriors of Hell new_child  WoH.Smoke
10.04.08 12:39h Warriors of Hell kick_member  Kan
10.04.08 12:40h Warriors of Hell kick_member  P4G4NNY
11.04.08 16:00h Warriors of Hell new_member  WoH SlaYva
15.04.08 06:28h Warriors of Hell kick_member  WoH AcidJunkie
16.04.08 15:09h Warriors of Hell change_name  WARRIORS of H3LL
17.04.08 02:24h WARRIORS of H3LL child_kick  Atze Peng und Atze Knallkopf Reloaded
17.04.08 02:25h WARRIORS of H3LL child_kick  Die Zoqqer vom Dorfe
17.04.08 02:26h WARRIORS of H3LL child_kick  WoH Spartans
17.04.08 02:27h WARRIORS of H3LL child_kick  WoH.CoD4.SnD
17.04.08 02:29h WARRIORS of H3LL kick_member  Mendivel
20.04.08 14:46h WARRIORS of H3LL new_member  qG I NightfoX
23.04.08 00:11h WARRIORS of H3LL new_member  SFX ScannX
24.04.08 21:45h WARRIORS of H3LL kick_member  Cello
25.04.08 21:37h WARRIORS of H3LL leave_member  WoH Husii
15.05.08 20:18h WARRIORS of H3LL leave_member  xFIGHTERx
18.05.08 18:49h WARRIORS of H3LL leave_member  Sparks1986
19.05.08 13:45h WARRIORS of H3LL new_member  xFIGHTERx
19.05.08 22:49h WARRIORS of H3LL kick_member  GoTaGa
19.05.08 22:49h WARRIORS of H3LL kick_member  G37 JoY
23.05.08 01:02h WARRIORS of H3LL new_member  CaReNtAn
23.05.08 01:03h WARRIORS of H3LL new_member  ToujaNe
23.05.08 01:04h WARRIORS of H3LL new_member  Tiger RAMBO IV
23.05.08 01:24h WARRIORS of H3LL new_member  MaTmaTa
23.05.08 20:48h WARRIORS of H3LL leave_member  ParadoX
01.06.08 13:44h WARRIORS of H3LL new_member  Bogga
03.06.08 20:06h WARRIORS of H3LL new_member  WoH Löschi
05.06.08 18:47h WARRIORS of H3LL leave_member  WoH HeadsHoTz
09.06.08 15:29h WARRIORS of H3LL kick_member  CaReNtAn
12.06.08 11:35h WARRIORS of H3LL kick_member  WoH Cappa Dc
16.06.08 09:21h WARRIORS of H3LL leave_member  niHaT I nK777
22.06.08 00:54h WARRIORS of H3LL leave_member  qG I NightfoX
06.07.08 15:13h WARRIORS of H3LL new_member  WoH BenX
06.07.08 17:30h WARRIORS of H3LL new_member  HelmY
10.07.08 13:38h WARRIORS of H3LL child_leave  WoH.LuGi
10.07.08 13:39h WARRIORS of H3LL leave_member  WoH Mangi
10.07.08 20:10h WARRIORS of H3LL new_member  WoH RaTeD X rko
13.07.08 00:58h WARRIORS of H3LL leave_member  xFIGHTERx
17.07.08 00:46h WARRIORS of H3LL new_child  WoH.Wrestling.TeaM
17.07.08 11:26h WARRIORS of H3LL child_kick  WoH Dr. Sommer Team
17.07.08 11:31h WARRIORS of H3LL child_kick  WoH Rising Spartans
17.07.08 11:31h WARRIORS of H3LL child_kick  WoH.BoMbaY RuLeR
17.07.08 11:33h WARRIORS of H3LL child_kick  WoH.Smoke
17.07.08 11:33h WARRIORS of H3LL child_kick  WoH.SiSterS
17.07.08 11:35h WARRIORS of H3LL child_kick  WoH.CoD 3 die 2 von der Tanke
17.07.08 11:41h WARRIORS of H3LL child_kick  WoH.COD4.Am0k Bravo
17.07.08 11:42h WARRIORS of H3LL child_kick  WoH.CoD4.besT
17.07.08 18:19h WARRIORS of H3LL new_child  WoH.NeW
18.07.08 08:43h WARRIORS of H3LL new_member  WoH MANGI
18.07.08 13:49h WARRIORS of H3LL child_leave  WoH.Wrestling.TeaM
18.07.08 14:26h WARRIORS of H3LL new_child  WoH.Wrestling
18.07.08 17:40h WARRIORS of H3LL new_member  WoH HeadsHoTz
18.07.08 21:50h WARRIORS of H3LL kick_member  WoH spankz87
18.07.08 21:51h WARRIORS of H3LL kick_member  DaFe0
18.07.08 21:52h WARRIORS of H3LL kick_member  WoH AERTS
18.07.08 21:53h WARRIORS of H3LL kick_member  WoH MANHUNTER
18.07.08 21:53h WARRIORS of H3LL kick_member  WoH ScannXxX
18.07.08 21:53h WARRIORS of H3LL kick_member  WoH SlaYva
24.07.08 06:11h WARRIORS of H3LL kick_member  WoH L3NS3N
24.07.08 17:29h WARRIORS of H3LL leave_member  NinthShakazuma
07.08.08 22:25h WARRIORS of H3LL new_member  Heiza
08.08.08 14:18h WARRIORS of H3LL new_member  FeAR SuB ZeR0
16.08.08 19:36h WARRIORS of H3LL leave_member  eAxis PaCy
18.08.08 09:28h WARRIORS of H3LL leave_member  Bogga
19.08.08 19:26h WARRIORS of H3LL new_member  VEX qu4ste
28.08.08 20:37h WARRIORS of H3LL new_member  WoH TroX
06.09.08 18:04h WARRIORS of H3LL new_member  JesuzZ
08.09.08 07:45h WARRIORS of H3LL leave_member  eL PaBLO
14.09.08 23:06h WARRIORS of H3LL new_member  Lago
15.09.08 17:03h WARRIORS of H3LL new_member  Dragon200x
16.09.08 22:02h WARRIORS of H3LL new_member  xVxMaTzExVx
16.09.08 22:28h WARRIORS of H3LL kick_member  Dragon200x
21.09.08 13:57h WARRIORS of H3LL new_member  Tyl3r
23.09.08 20:36h WARRIORS of H3LL new_member  DiSAzTeR sTyLe
30.09.08 22:55h WARRIORS of H3LL leave_member  L Y IR ii X
03.10.08 17:15h WARRIORS of H3LL new_member  WoH SaN
05.10.08 19:26h WARRIORS of H3LL leave_member  WoH Y2J xX
05.10.08 19:28h WARRIORS of H3LL new_member  WoH vOLcoMe
05.10.08 20:56h WARRIORS of H3LL kick_member  xVxMaTzExVx
06.10.08 22:39h WARRIORS of H3LL kick_member  HelmY
12.10.08 22:43h WARRIORS of H3LL leave_member  WoH Tyl3r
13.10.08 13:40h WARRIORS of H3LL leave_member  WoH vOLcoMe
21.10.08 09:28h WARRIORS of H3LL new_member  WoH Tyl3r
22.10.08 21:42h WARRIORS of H3LL kick_member  WoH Tyl3r
30.10.08 11:11h WARRIORS of H3LL kick_member  TroX V
30.10.08 23:14h WARRIORS of H3LL kick_member  ToujaNe
30.10.08 23:17h WARRIORS of H3LL kick_member  WoH HeiZa
30.10.08 23:18h WARRIORS of H3LL kick_member  Dedicate aK
31.10.08 01:30h WARRIORS of H3LL child_kick  NeW CoD 4
01.11.08 13:19h WARRIORS of H3LL kick_member  WoH SaN
01.11.08 14:10h WARRIORS of H3LL new_child  WoH.GoW2
01.11.08 16:13h WARRIORS of H3LL leave_member  ViciiouZ
01.11.08 20:52h WARRIORS of H3LL new_child  WoH HH-Gamer
02.11.08 20:27h WARRIORS of H3LL new_child  WoH Harmonie GaMMa
04.11.08 14:21h WARRIORS of H3LL new_member  WoH Kenny
08.11.08 16:49h WARRIORS of H3LL new_member  Gl4diatoR
13.11.08 18:09h WARRIORS of H3LL new_member  aEroX
15.11.08 03:02h WARRIORS of H3LL child_kick  WoH Harmonie BeTa
15.11.08 03:20h WARRIORS of H3LL child_kick  WoH Harmonie GaMMa
15.11.08 03:30h WARRIORS of H3LL child_kick  WoH Harmonie aLpHa
16.11.08 01:05h WARRIORS of H3LL leave_member  WoH Diablo 666
18.11.08 20:11h WARRIORS of H3LL new_member  HeaVy xD
18.11.08 20:11h WARRIORS of H3LL new_member  HeaVy xD
18.11.08 22:37h WARRIORS of H3LL kick_member  WoH iFrEAkY Xx
18.11.08 22:37h WARRIORS of H3LL kick_member  WoH iFrEAkY Xx
18.11.08 22:37h WARRIORS of H3LL kick_member  WoH OverKiLL
18.11.08 22:37h WARRIORS of H3LL kick_member  WoH OverKiLL
30.11.08 12:46h WARRIORS of H3LL new_member  ShaagY
06.12.08 23:57h WARRIORS of H3LL new_member  Ren Fra
07.12.08 00:08h WARRIORS of H3LL new_child  WoH.Fifa09 v2
08.12.08 16:51h WARRIORS of H3LL new_member  cartoon
10.12.08 12:20h WARRIORS of H3LL kick_member  THorn47Dante / by 1842069
10.12.08 12:21h WARRIORS of H3LL kick_member  WoH Kamoie / by 1842069
13.12.08 11:06h WARRIORS of H3LL new_member  Tsubasa
17.12.08 18:49h WARRIORS of H3LL leave_member  xHeaVy
22.12.08 21:33h WARRIORS of H3LL new_member  iCoN MoO xX
22.12.08 21:56h WARRIORS of H3LL new_member  toobzen
23.12.08 13:20h WARRIORS of H3LL new_member  Shendrick
25.12.08 19:50h WARRIORS of H3LL leave_member  WoH RakaKa
26.12.08 18:45h WARRIORS of H3LL new_member  Abdul
01.01.09 18:35h WARRIORS of H3LL new_member  mB9o
05.01.09 19:13h WARRIORS of H3LL new_member  dopefish
06.01.09 11:50h WARRIORS of H3LL new_member  FC Culli
08.01.09 07:29h WARRIORS of H3LL kick_member  WoH iTriiCkz Xx / by 1842069
09.01.09 19:24h WARRIORS of H3LL new_member  iCoN AgOnY xX
10.01.09 20:06h WARRIORS of H3LL leave_member  Lago
12.01.09 22:38h WARRIORS of H3LL leave_member  Tsubasa
13.01.09 16:07h WARRIORS of H3LL new_child  inSaNe CoNcepT TeAm ReVengE
13.01.09 18:02h WARRIORS of H3LL child_kick  WoH.x
14.01.09 02:47h WARRIORS of H3LL kick_member  Abdul / by 2896516
17.01.09 23:29h WARRIORS of H3LL new_child  WoH.RSV.Legends
20.01.09 10:28h WARRIORS of H3LL child_kick  WoH.RSV.Legends
01.02.09 17:41h WARRIORS of H3LL kick_member  asixx Löschi / by 1842069
03.02.09 10:35h WARRIORS of H3LL leave_member  dopefish
04.02.09 07:27h WARRIORS of H3LL new_member  DreaNy
07.02.09 18:57h WARRIORS of H3LL leave_member  WoH SuB ZeR0
07.02.09 22:23h WARRIORS of H3LL kick_member  WoH SwiTch / by 1842069
14.02.09 23:32h WARRIORS of H3LL new_member  SuB ZeR0
15.02.09 00:31h WARRIORS of H3LL new_member  SwiTcH
15.02.09 01:19h WARRIORS of H3LL new_member  WoH ScannXxX
15.02.09 18:19h WARRIORS of H3LL new_member  IGotUrPistola
15.02.09 18:19h WARRIORS of H3LL new_member  IGotUrPistola
16.02.09 15:49h WARRIORS of H3LL leave_member  Gl4diatoR
18.02.09 00:45h WARRIORS of H3LL child_kick  WoH.CoD2 old school
18.02.09 12:13h WARRIORS of H3LL new_member  PlayinPrincess
24.02.09 14:11h WARRIORS of H3LL new_member  FrEAkY 2k9
26.02.09 08:02h WARRIORS of H3LL kick_member  kiNGaEroX / by 1842069
26.02.09 22:03h WARRIORS of H3LL new_member  xFIGHTERx
27.02.09 05:17h WARRIORS of H3LL leave_member  WoH Headcore Xx
03.03.09 02:47h WARRIORS of H3LL kick_member  WoH Kenny / by 1842069
08.03.09 16:03h WARRIORS of H3LL new_member  WoH bolli
08.03.09 17:43h WARRIORS of H3LL new_member  yasr01
18.03.09 15:31h WARRIORS of H3LL leave_member  sHuFFLiii
18.03.09 17:23h WARRIORS of H3LL leave_member  FrEAkY 2k9
24.03.09 14:30h WARRIORS of H3LL leave_member  WoH ELiTe
15.04.09 19:03h WARRIORS of H3LL leave_member  ShaagY
01.05.09 20:30h WARRIORS of H3LL new_member  sKyLINe
05.05.09 07:26h WARRIORS of H3LL kick_member  WoH PLUTO ALPHA / by 1842069
11.05.09 14:57h WARRIORS of H3LL leave_member  Shendrick
11.05.09 23:18h WARRIORS of H3LL leave_member  WoH bolli
13.05.09 17:55h WARRIORS of H3LL new_member  Shendrick
15.05.09 13:17h WARRIORS of H3LL kick_member  WoH MANGI / by 1842069
15.05.09 13:26h WARRIORS of H3LL kick_member  yasr01 / by 1842069
16.05.09 00:27h WARRIORS of H3LL deleted_from_team  WoH blackroddy
17.05.09 19:48h WARRIORS of H3LL new_member  reacd ELiTe
17.06.09 12:50h WARRIORS of H3LL wanna_join_league  Fr Call of Duty 4 (360) 4on4 (360) Premiership CSL Esport
18.06.09 16:14h WARRIORS of H3LL join_league  Fr Call of Duty 4 (360) 4on4 (360) Premiership CSL Esport
08.07.09 00:58h WARRIORS of H3LL kick_member  Killjano / by 1842069
08.07.09 01:05h WARRIORS of H3LL new_member  T3nnoX
18.07.09 21:18h WARRIORS of H3LL leave_member  xFIGHTERx
24.07.09 00:09h WARRIORS of H3LL new_member  CO3EN
24.07.09 19:28h WARRIORS of H3LL change_name  WoH.eSports
13.08.09 17:59h WoH.eSports leave_member  xSt3rOiidz
04.09.09 15:11h WoH.eSports leave_member  SwiTcH
10.09.09 11:47h WoH.eSports leave_member  elit3 Jabba81
14.09.09 17:45h WoH.eSports leave_member  CO3EN
20.10.09 17:26h WoH.eSports new_child  WoH.eSports Redaktion
05.11.09 18:35h WoH.eSports child_leave  WoH.Fifa09 v2
09.11.09 11:03h WoH.eSports new_member  WoH tr1CkzZ Ix
16.11.09 00:49h WoH.eSports new_member  iFrEAkY Xx
24.11.09 21:04h WoH.eSports new_member  MiSsY xX
27.11.09 23:00h WoH.eSports leave_member  SuB ZeR0
28.11.09 11:23h WoH.eSports new_member  WoH Benjamin
28.11.09 13:39h WoH.eSports leave_member  Shendrick
16.01.10 00:01h WoH.eSports leave_member  WoH iFrEAkY Xx
21.01.10 02:54h WoH.eSports new_member  pW I HeLLDoG vX
21.01.10 22:10h WoH.eSports new_member  x MiLo x
22.01.10 13:41h WoH.eSports new_child  www.WoH-Movies.com
01.02.10 18:01h WoH.eSports leave_member  MisSy Xx
04.02.10 23:11h WoH.eSports new_member  MisSy Xx
05.02.10 06:11h WoH.eSports new_child  WoH.eSports - Olympia
05.02.10 20:19h WoH.eSports new_member  Mon Cherii
11.02.10 00:49h WoH.eSports new_member  Bad Barbie
18.02.10 11:00h WoH.eSports new_member  Parado X
26.02.10 22:43h WoH.eSports new_member  SzS KittyCat
24.03.10 02:45h WoH.eSports kick_member  Bad Barbie / by 2896516
29.03.10 01:50h WoH.eSports kick_member  x MiLo x / by 2896516
14.04.10 08:39h WoH.eSports new_member  Xx digidi xX
29.04.10 17:04h WoH.eSports leave_member  MisSy Xx
30.04.10 00:13h WoH.eSports kick_member  Mon Cherii / by 2896516
30.04.10 00:14h WoH.eSports kick_member  WoH KittyCat / by 2896516
01.05.10 00:41h WoH.eSports kick_member  Ren Fra / by 2896516
01.05.10 00:42h WoH.eSports kick_member  FC Culli / by 2896516
01.05.10 00:47h WoH.eSports kick_member  WoH cartoon / by 2896516
18.06.10 09:21h WoH.eSports leave_member  WoH HeLLDoG
22.06.10 15:59h WoH.eSports new_member  WoH Stemp Xx
22.06.10 16:02h WoH.eSports new_member  WoH ShAdOW Xx
23.06.10 12:45h WoH.eSports new_member  WoH HeADsHoT Xx
23.06.10 12:56h WoH.eSports new_child  WoH Fifa 10
23.06.10 18:26h WoH.eSports child_change  WoH Fifa 10
31.07.10 00:30h WoH.eSports deleted_from_team  WoH GacY1
04.08.10 12:24h WoH.eSports deleted_from_team  BLUTONIUM
18.10.10 19:29h WoH.eSports leave_member  WoH ELiTe
21.10.10 23:44h WoH.eSports leave_member  WoH ShAdOW Xx
21.10.10 23:44h WoH.eSports leave_member  WoH HeADsHoT Xx
22.10.10 15:20h WoH.eSports leave_member  WoH Stemp Xx
19.11.10 06:34h WoH.eSports new_child  WoH.epic
19.11.10 12:39h WoH.eSports new_member  Habibi
19.11.10 16:56h WoH.eSports new_child  WoH.BO
19.11.10 18:34h WoH.eSports new_member  B a R T 0
19.11.10 18:49h WoH.eSports new_member  BooGeY The Animal
19.11.10 23:36h WoH.eSports new_member  MiLiX
20.11.10 00:00h WoH.eSports new_member  SunSoldier
20.11.10 11:18h WoH.eSports new_member  LoveLy
20.11.10 12:02h WoH.eSports new_member  xGHx HeLLDoG Xx
20.11.10 16:02h WoH.eSports new_member  x iTaLenTz xXx
20.11.10 19:30h WoH.eSports new_member  KeyinZ
22.11.10 00:03h WoH.eSports leave_member  Habibi
22.11.10 11:09h WoH.eSports new_child  WoH.Cupteam
01.12.10 22:11h WoH.eSports kick_member  KeyinZ / by 2896516
01.12.10 22:11h WoH.eSports kick_member  xGHx HeLLDoG Xx / by 2896516
01.12.10 22:11h WoH.eSports kick_member  LoveLy / by 2896516
01.12.10 22:11h WoH.eSports kick_member  WoH iTaLenTz / by 2896516
01.12.10 22:18h WoH.eSports leave_member  BooGeY The Animal
02.12.10 21:16h WoH.eSports leave_member  MiLiX
07.12.10 23:02h WoH.eSports new_member  WoH TiGeR
10.12.10 21:17h WoH.eSports leave_member  B a R T 0
13.12.10 21:01h WoH.eSports leave_member  DeniZ
26.12.10 16:19h WoH.eSports new_member  iCarubaa yO
26.12.10 16:20h WoH.eSports leave_member  iCarubaa yO
26.12.10 23:42h WoH.eSports new_member  MiSs VioLeNT xX
15.01.11 00:50h WoH.eSports kick_member  GB360 toobzeN / by 1842069
28.01.11 09:20h WoH.eSports new_member  NyZe
03.02.11 18:41h WoH.eSports child_change  WoH.2n2.inaktiv
04.02.11 23:28h WoH.eSports new_child  WoH.FeMaLe & MaLe TeAM
23.03.11 22:00h WoH.eSports leave_member  mB9o
27.03.11 21:41h WoH.eSports kick_member  MiSs VioLeNT xX / by 1898706
05.04.11 20:04h WoH.eSports kick_member  WoH Princess / by 1842069
06.04.11 15:18h WoH.eSports new_member  BuLLeT
17.04.11 15:07h WoH.eSports new_member  DeadzonE
17.04.11 15:08h WoH.eSports new_member  DeAthRoW is Tank
17.04.11 16:38h WoH.eSports new_member  TwiXz
17.04.11 17:23h WoH.eSports new_member  I biG MamA
17.04.11 19:41h WoH.eSports new_member  BoUnTyy
18.04.11 15:35h WoH.eSports new_member  MiLiX
18.04.11 17:12h WoH.eSports new_member  Sky7z
19.04.11 19:07h WoH.eSports new_member  DeG HerbY
19.04.11 19:12h WoH.eSports new_member  DeG SchimmeL
19.04.11 19:12h WoH.eSports new_member  DeG Holzfred
19.04.11 19:22h WoH.eSports new_member  DeG Crabman
19.04.11 19:58h WoH.eSports new_member  nM x iSmoKe x
19.04.11 20:04h WoH.eSports new_member  iOpTiiKz
19.04.11 20:14h WoH.eSports new_member  DeG x Chris
19.04.11 20:35h WoH.eSports new_child  Warriors of Hell BO
20.04.11 22:38h WoH.eSports new_member  DeG BloodY
22.04.11 15:44h WoH.eSports new_member  DeG LinkeTitte
24.04.11 21:32h WoH.eSports new_member  DeG sHoOTeR
25.04.11 13:47h WoH.eSports leave_member  TwiXz
26.04.11 15:36h WoH.eSports kick_member  prdX / by 1898706
01.05.11 19:34h WoH.eSports leave_member  DeG Holzfred
01.05.11 20:22h WoH.eSports leave_member  iOpTiiKz x
02.05.11 14:08h WoH.eSports kick_member  DeG HerbY / by 1898706
02.05.11 14:08h WoH.eSports kick_member  Crabman / by 1898706
02.05.11 14:08h WoH.eSports kick_member  DeG LinkeTitte / by 1898706
02.05.11 14:08h WoH.eSports kick_member  DeG iBloodY / by 1898706
02.05.11 14:08h WoH.eSports kick_member  DeG sHoOTeR / by 1898706
02.05.11 14:08h WoH.eSports kick_member  DeG x Chris / by 1898706
02.05.11 14:09h WoH.eSports kick_member  iTankzZ / by 1898706
02.05.11 14:09h WoH.eSports kick_member  WoH SchimmeL / by 1898706
02.05.11 14:12h WoH.eSports child_kick  WoH.BO.HC
03.05.11 15:31h WoH.eSports leave_member  AgonY
01.11.11 19:18h WoH.eSports new_member  Ludley
06.11.11 21:20h WoH.eSports kick_member  VasioNz / by 1842069
08.11.11 22:45h WoH.eSports new_member  Flo
12.11.11 06:12h WoH.eSports new_member  VasioNz
15.11.11 19:21h WoH.eSports change_name  WoH e.V.
16.11.11 18:39h WoH e.V. new_member  www.WoH-Network.com
16.11.11 18:44h WoH e.V. set_parent  www.WoH-Network.com
19.11.11 00:58h WoH e.V. kick_member  sKyLINe / by 1842069
19.11.11 00:58h WoH e.V. kick_member  MoO / by 1842069
19.11.11 00:58h WoH e.V. kick_member  SuPR3me / by 1842069
20.11.11 18:31h WoH e.V. leave_member  VasioNz
25.11.11 13:58h WoH e.V. leave_member  Flo
29.11.11 22:58h WoH e.V. new_member  The raazzR
02.12.11 04:26h WoH e.V. leave_member  Ludley
30.12.11 19:19h WoH e.V. leave_member  The raazzR
19.01.12 01:41h WoH e.V. leave_member  Kdogg
25.04.12 16:39h WoH e.V. leave_member  WoH Jok3R 66
10.07.12 22:11h WoH e.V. leave_member  SwitcH dLx
30.11.12 13:21h WoH e.V. kick_member  SunSoldier / by 2772179
04.12.12 03:44h WoH e.V. new_child  WoH. digidi & TiGeR
13.04.13 00:26h WoH e.V. deleted_from_team  WoH tr1CkzZ Ix
06.09.13 00:26h WoH e.V. deleted_from_team  WoH Doni BaRoni
29.03.14 00:27h WoH e.V. deleted_from_team  iMpAcT o.o
12.12.14 00:25h WoH e.V. deleted_from_team  LUZIV3R
27.02.15 00:26h WoH e.V. deleted_from_team  DEMAR
27.03.15 00:25h WoH e.V. deleted_from_team  WoH CHEMIKER
06.04.15 00:25h WoH e.V. deleted_from_team  SLICK
12.08.15 00:27h WoH e.V. deleted_from_team  WoH Kremator
26.08.15 00:26h WoH e.V. deleted_from_team  WoH iI3o Xx
23.11.15 00:27h WoH e.V. deleted_from_team  SuB ZeR0

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