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To find out current events, we operate under the single player gaming, the KE. We are not looking ambitonisten high skill, we place much more emphasis on quality-conscious players who want long term success and our name present in the eSportszene.

What are we looking for?

Counter-Strike Source players for the Esl and Publik for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Call of Duty 4, players for the ESL and also for Publik WoW + Riftspieler for our guild, or team for a new guild


You should already play some time together and play as players or players in the relevant leagues and be active. Fairplay, reliability, motivation is undZusammenhalt standard requirement.

Why to KE?

By ambitious and experienced stalwarts in the management, we can look back on many successful and financially independent years. In addition to various public and internal clan sweepstakes, we also plan to game-specific cups, which will be expanded in the future. Such actions can be supported with a-kind and cash prizes corresponding contribution provided by us. To strengthen the cohesion and outside of the online events, meet up again and the clan members to plan joint events or visit Lan, where one represents the intense clan life. We have caught your interest and you want to be now in the midst of all the actions? Then convince us of you!

What does KE?

In addition to a seasoned management, news reporting, as well as a performance-related bonus, KE gaming is also willing to take his charges under the arms. Thus, we can provide our members in addition to numerous ts3server also powerful EPS servers available to ensure the smooth running can.


Should you meet the above requirements and have an intense interest in clan life, does not hesitate and leave us your detailed application.

ICQ: 646789081
Mail: info@kegaming.ch
Page: www.kegaming.ch
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