uk ESL Pro Series Season 4 TrackMania Nations Forever 1on1

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These are the rules for the ESL Pro Series Season 4 TrackMania Nations Forever 1on1. We make every effort to ensure the rules are complete and up to date but this may not always be the case. You should also check the Rules & Information and News for additions, exceptions and modifications that may apply. All players must meet the requirements listed in the Rules & Information at the time the match is scheduled to begin. The rules are a guideline and the decisions by admins may differ from them depending on the circumstances. If you have any questions about the rules, please write a support ticket.

1. Definitions

1.1. Participants

A participant is any team or a player that is participating in the league. No participant can at the same time be part of more than one team or organization taking part in any ESL Major Series, ESL Pro Series (or similar), ESL Amateur Series (or similar) or qualifier for any of these leagues, in the same discipline.

1.2. License holder

1.2.1. Team

If a team plays for an organisation (clan) then the organisation is the license holder. If the organisation is a legally registered company, then the license holder is the company. If a team does not play for an organisation then the license holder is the team itself.

1.2.2. Solo

In solo games, the license holder is the participant.

1.3. Team positions

The following positions are available in teams.

1.3.1. Team Manager

The team manager must be at least 18 years old. The team manager is a spokesperson for the team and is responsible for its line-up. They have the final say in all decisions that affect the team. This includes players, public announcements and the line-up. The team manager is eligible to play in all matches for their team.

1.3.2. Team Captain

The team captain must be at least 16 years old and is selected by the team manager. The team captain acts as the extended arm of the team manager within the team but also to 'in-game' decisions and actions. The team captain is the sole person who can make 'in-game' objections to the tournament administration. The team captain is eligible for playing in all matches for their team.

1.3.3. Orga

An orga is a person who works “"behind the scenes" and helps the team captain and the team manager with daily work such as scheduling matches. An orga is eligible for playing in all matches for their team.

1.4. Time zone

All times are given in UK time. That is Greenwich Mean Time (GMT), or British Summer Time (BST) during daylight savings time.

1.5. Season

The season begins with the deadline for nominations and ends with the finals, except for relegation participants, for whom the season ends after relegation has taken place.

1.6. Match week

The match week begins at 00:00 on Monday and ends at 23:59 on Sunday of the same week.

1.7. Penalties

Penalties are given for rule violations. For minor offences participants are given minor penalties and for greater offences they are given major penalties.

Major penalties are worth 10 minor penalties.

Should a participant collect penalties that total up to 35 minor penalties, they will be disqualified.

Penalties given within the league only apply to the league they are given in. The only exceptions are penalties for cheating or other severe violations of the rules.

Penalties or locks given in the ESL do not affect a participant in the Premier League or 1st Division; the only exception is being locked for cheating. Under certain circumstances (e.g. insults, fighting or fraud) can players be suspended for one or more matches for violations in the ESL.

1.8. Live matches

Live matches are matches that are shown on ESL TV.

1.9. Tournament organisation

Tournament Organization

The ESL Pro Series is organized by the Electronic Sports League (ESL). The Electronic Sports League is operated by Turtle-Entertainment GmbH.

Turtle Entertainment GmbH, Siegburger Straße 189, 50679 Cologne, Germany


2. Admin structure

Tournament directors
Antony 'TheRogue' Seedhouse Tournament Director
Graham 'messioso' Pitt Assisting Tournament Director
Counter-Strike: Source
bakor Admin
Toasted Admin
Trackmania Nations Forever
dazzy65 Head Admin

3. General

3.1. Rule changes

The Electronic Sports League (ESL) reserves the right to change or extend the rules if necessary. In special cases, decisions may be made which are not covered by the rules in order to preserve spirit of fair competition and sportsmanship.

3.2. Internal information

All contents of protest & support tickets and any discussions with administrators by all means are strictly confidential. The publication of such content is prohibited without written permission from the tournament directors.

3.3. Code of Conduct

All participants agree to behave in an appropriate and respectful manner towards other participants, spectators, the press, ESL TV and the league administration. Being role models the participants are asked to represent eSports, the league and its sponsors in public with dignity and humility.

3.4. Additional agreements

The league administration is not responsible for additional agreements between players or teams and these agreements are only allowed if they do not violate any of the existing rules. The league administration advises against such agreements. The league administration will not enforce any additional agreements.

3.5. Match broadcasting

All broadcasting rights of ESL Pro Series matches are owned by the Turtle Entertainment GmbH. This includes all forms of broadcasts, i.e. IRC Bots, shoutcast streams, video streams, HLTV, WaaaghTV, Replays, Demos or TV broadcasts.

Turtle Entertainment GmbH may pass on the broadcasting rights for one or multiple matches to a third party or to the participants themselves. In this case the broadcast must be arranged with a head admin before the match.

A participant cannot refuse to have their matches broadcast, nor can they choose in which way(s) it will be broadcast.

3.6. Alcohol and drugs prohibition

Playing a match under the influence of alcohol or drugs is not permitted, be it online or offline. Violation of this rule can result in the exclusion from the ESL Pro Series.

3.7. Communication

The only official means of communication for participants wishing to contact the league administration (e.g. to ask a question regarding the rules, advice, guidance etc) are:

The league administration is not responsible for any advice received from other sources, including ESL admins not affiliated with ESL Pro Series UK. Any advice received that conflicts with the rules here should be confirmed with the tournament director.

3.7.1. Players board

In team leagues, each team can appoint up to three (3) people who can represent their team in the players board In 1on1 leagues, only the respective players and one orga from their team can have access to the players board. However, if several players from an organization are in a 1on1 league, then these players have to unite and appoint a single orga for them all..

The players board is the primary official communication platform between all the participants and the admin team.

All information within this forum is to be kept between the admin team and the participants of the players' board. Information or statements placed inside this forum by the admin team are not to be made public (news, public forums, etc.) and teams will be punished depending upon the kind of information and content they make available in the form of penalties or direct disqualification from the league.

3.7.2. Email

One of the official means of communication on ESL is email. ESL uses the email addresses entered in the your profile to communicate with you. All participants should therefore have working email address in their profile and to check the content of their mailbox daily if possible. ESL can not be held responsible for problems arising if email does not arrive because the recipient did not keep his account up to date.

3.7.3. IRC

In addition to the players board the ESL operates a number of internal IRC channels on the QuakeNet IRC network. To enable quick and easy communication. ESL asks all participants to join those channels. The details needed to join the channels can be found in the players board.

3.7.4. Steam

In Counter-Strike: Source we also operate private Steam groups to which all participants are invited in order to further enable quick and easy communication.

3.8. Conditions of participation

The following conditions apply to participation:

3.8.1. Personal responsibility

All participants accept that they are personally responsible for reading and understanding the rulebook before participating, and for their ensuring they are eligible and able to participate (e.g. time commitment, suitable computer configuration) according to the rulebook.

3.8.2. Age restriction

For Counter-Strike: Source and StarCraft II, every participant must be at least 15 years old at the time of their first match of the season. If a player has their 15th birthday during the season, they must be added to the team during the season and are counted as a new player.

For Trackmania Nations Forever, every participant must be at least 12 years old at the time of their first match of the season.

3.8.3. Residence Solo Games

Participants in this league must have their primary residence is in the United Kingdom or Republic of Ireland. Team Games

An unlimited number of players may be added to the team account. All of them must be citizens of a European country or have their principal residence in a European country. The "nationality" of a team, determined by country of residence of the majority of players at any time during a match, must be the nationality of the United Kingdom or Republic of Ireland. A team's nationality for the season is decided in their first match and for the remainder of the season they must maintain this nationality. In each match up to two players may be used that do not their primary residence in the country of the nationality of the team. If more than two such players are used in a match six minor penalties will be awarded and one wildcard will be removed. Furthermore the match will have to be replayed if the winning team was the offender.

3.8.4. ESL Premium

All participants must be ESL Premium members throughout the entire season. Information about ESL Premium can be found here: http://www.esl.eu/uk/order/

For every match week that a solo participants is not a ESL Premium member, three minor penalties will be awarded. For every match week that a team has players that are not ESL Premium members, two minor penalties per player will be awarded up to a maximum of six minor penalties.

3.9. Player accounts

3.9.1. General

Every participating player must have an account on the ESL website. In this account a player must enter their birthday, current city of residence and their full real name. All this information must be shown publicly. Each player must upload a proper picture of themselves to their ESL profile. A player is not allowed to have more than one account within the ESL. Having more than one account in the ESL will be punished according to the general ESL multi-account rules and can lead to minor penalties in this leauge.

If a player does not correspond to the above requirements, then for every match week until the requirements are met, two minor penalties will be awarded, up to a maximum of six minor penalties per match week for a team.

3.9.2. Nicknames

Changes of nicknames on the website or in-game have to be reported to the league administration in order to get approval. Player names may not include any form of sponsor tag.

3.9.3. Player photo

The photo must clearly show the face of the player and always needs to be up to date (no child photos). The manipulation of the appearance of the player in the photo is not allowed.

3.9.4. Game accounts

Every must have their game account entered on their ESL profile for the respective game(s) they are participating in. This is "SteamID HL2/CSS" for Counter-Strike: Source, "StarCraft II Nick#Character code (Battle.net EU)" for StarCraft II and "Trackmania Nations/United Forever" for Trackmania Nations Forever.

3.10. Team accounts

3.10.1. General

All teams must create an ESL team account that is solely used for this league. The team must have a team logo. The team name may have a sponsor as an extension, but extensions like "CS squad" are not allowed. The team must have a team captain set. Listing of "honorary" or "inactive" members is not allowed.

If a team account does not meet the above requirements, then for every match week, until the requirements are met, two minor penalties will be awarded.

3.10.2. Minimum number of players

At all times, a team must have at least seven eligible players on their team's roster.

3.10.3. Team name

Changes to the team's name during the season must be requested to the league management for approval. Violations may be punished with penalties.

3.10.4. Ownership of team accounts

Each season the Electronic Sports League awards licenses to the participating teams. In most cases, these are

  • Teams which remain from the previous season
  • Teams that earned promotion in the relegation tournament
  • Teams that earned direct promotion from a league below
  • Teams that qualified through a qualifier tournament (special case)

This license is valid for one season and is renewed before the start of each new season by the tournament administration. A license remains valid only for the corresponding organisation or team to which it was issued. A transfer to another organisation, for example, is only possible under certain conditions and must be discussed with and approved by the league administration.

If a licensed team joins an organisation (clan), the license will be automatically transferred to the clan. License withdrawal

The league administration has the right to withdraw the license from the licensee. This case can arise from ignoring the associated conditions through neglect or deliberateness and from acts that damage the image of the league.

3.10.5. Licensee

A licensee may only hold one or ESL Pro Series or ESL Amateur Series 1st Division license per game. Changing the licensee

A licensee or can make a request to the league management to transfer the license to another legally registered company, or if not possible to an organisation or to the team. Relevant reasons must be given and depending on the circumstances extra conditions may be imposed (e.g. restrictions on the line-up). Under these conditions the league management must be informed before any changes are made otherwise the license may be withdrawn.

3.10.6. Changes in between seasons Line-up

Between seasons an organisation can make changes to its line-up without restrictions including replacing the entire line-up. Teams that did not play for an organisation will have restrictions that they will be informed of by the league administration. If the license is to be transferred it is considered a change.

3.10.7. Player changes, new players

During the season each team may add up to three new players to their roster. The season officially starts with the player adding deadline. All players not added by the deadline is a new player. Transfers from other teams in the league are not possible.

New players are barred from playing in the match week they were requested (based on time of the support ticket), the following match week and all previous match weeks. Each player must be requested by support ticket prior to being added so that tournament administration can check their eligibility.

If a team is unable to compete, e.g. due to a lack of eligible players, then the team is disqualified from the league and its license is withdrawn. It is therefore advised to always have substitute players in order to compensate for the possible departures of regular players or other circumstances.

3.10.8. Player transfers from the ESL Pro Series to the 1st Division or Amateur Series

Up to and including the 8th match week players can leave an ESL Pro Series team to join a 1st Division or Amateur Series team without restrictions. Players transferring after the 8th match week to a 1st Division or Amateur Series team will not be allowed to play until the end of the 1st Division the Amateur Series season.

Players that have transferred can play for their old team up until their barrage for the new team is over.

3.10.9. Player nominations for the new season

All players have to be nominated before the deadline at the start of a new season. The list of players has to be sent to the tournament administration. All players added after the deadline are considered as new players and will be barred from playing for the duration specified in the rules.

3.10.10. Player barrages, qualification and relegation tournaments

Qualification tournaments and relegation tournaments are still part of the previous season and are therefore subject to the terms and conditions for new players. A team playing in the relegation tournament is not allowed to add new players between the end of the regular season and the relegation tournament if they have used up their new player limit of 3 new players during the regular season. Players are eligible to play if they are added before a deadline specified by the tournament administration. All players added after the deadline before the tournament need a special permission by the tournament administration to be eligible.

3.10.11. Player contracts

It is not allowed to for players to have contracts with multiple teams participating in the league. If ESL receives evidence that a player has signed a contract or entered oral or written agreements in regards of the participation in the league with a team other than the one he was nominated by, ESL reserves the right to exclude the player from the league until his contractual situation has been resolved.

3.11. Betting on league games

It is forbidden to bet on matches from leagues in which one participates in themselves. Participants will be punished with one major penalty for doing so. If we believe deliberate manipulation took place, match suspensions for players involved will may be imposed or matches repeated. In extreme cases we may disqualify the participant.

3.12. Prize money system

The total prize money for each game will be split into two "pots". From the first pot the base prize money is distributed according to the final ranking at the end of the season. The second holds the match bonuses for the matches in the regular season.

The size of the second pot is determined by the total amount of prize money and the total number of matches in the regular season.

If a participant withdraws from the competition during the season, all prize money won by them is forfeited. The match bonuses will be redistributed to the respective opponents of the participant that left the competition, even if they lost their match.

If there is a draw the match bonus is split in half. The match bonuses are paid out along with the prize money received for the final rank after the end of the season.

3.12.1. Prize money deduction for penalties

At the end of the season the accumulated percentage will be deducted from total prize money won (base prize money + match bonuses). The deducted amount will then be redistributed to the other participants according to the percentage of the total prize money they have won. E.g. If a participant won 20% of the total prize money, they will also receive 20% of the prize money deducted from the other participants.

At the beginning of each season, the penalties from the previous season are removed from all participants.

The penalty catalogue can be found at the end of this rule book.

3.13. Replacement participants

If a participant for any reason is withdrawn from the league within the first 3 match weeks, a replacement will be taken from the replacement list. The matches that the withdrawn participant played will be replayed with by the replacement participant. The results of the matches already played by the withdrawn participant are voided; match bonuses will be redistributed to the replayed matches.

3.14. Barrage for dropping out of the league

A participant that drops out of an ongoing season is barred from taking part in the next season. This applies to any kind of drop-out, no matter whether it is by their own decision or due to a disqualification, e.g. because of too many penalties. Participants that have dropped out and want to play in the league again have to show that they can sustain long term stability and have to re-qualify. The rule applies not only to subteams, squads or players but can also apply to an entire team or organisation.

3.14.1. Claim of prize money

Participants dropping from the league during the season, lose their claim on any prize money they have accumulated. This applies to all possible ways of dropping out of the competition, e.g. by own decision or due to a disqualification.

3.14.2. Deletion of penalty points

Penalty points awarded in matches against participants that have dropped from the competition are deleted. This does not apply to penalties awarded for cheating, fraud or insults.

3.15. Pre-match statements

Every participant has to submit a pre-match statement in the period between 7 days and 24 hours before the start of their match. These statements are written and submitted as a match report (not in the match comments). The statements must be genuine, made in an appropriate layout and need to consist of at least 50 words. Missing or invalid match statements will be punished with two minor penalties.

3.15.1. Pre-match statements for Intel Friday Night Games

For Intel Friday Night Games each participant has to submit a pre-match statement no later than 48 hours before the match is scheduled to begin.

3.15.2. Pre-match statements for ESL Pro-Series Finals

For the ESL Pro Series Finals, each participant has to submit the pre-match statement for the first round no later than 48 hours before the match is scheduled to begin.

3.16. Line-up

For team games, the line-up has to be submitted no later than 24 hours before the match is scheduled to begin.

3.16.1. Line-up for Intel Friday Night Games

For team games at Intel Friday Night Games, the line-up has to be submitted no later than 96 hours before the match is scheduled to begin.

3.17. Scheduling

All matches are to begin at the time shown on the website. Participants are advised to be on the game server, ready to play, at least 15 minutes before the match is scheduled to begin.

Changes to the scheduled date and time must be confirmed with tournament administration. Participants may agree to play at a different time (not date) without penalty.

If a participant wishes to reschedule a match, they must open a protest stating the reason why, and include 3 separate dates, with suitable times (starting time of 7pm to 10pm), that they are available to play by the end of the following match week. Failure to include the dates and times when opening the protest will be punished with 1 minor penalty. Failure to be able provide 3 separate dates, with suitable times, to play by the end of the following match week will be punished with 3 minor penalties.

Requesting to reschedule a match off of it's scheduled date will be punished with 1 minor penalty.

If a match is re-scheduled with the tournament administration for broadcasting purposes no wildcards are drawn.

3.17.1. Wildcards

If a participant requests to reschedule a match within 1 week of a match's scheduled date a time, they will use a wildcard. All participants begin the season with three wildcards to use in the league stage. If a participant needs to use a wildcard, but has no wildcards remaining, they will receive 1 major penalty.

If the request is within

  • 7 days to 96 hours of the scheduled date and time, they will receive 1 minor penalty
  • 96 to 72 hours of the scheduled date and time, they will receive 2 minor penalties
  • 72 to 48 hours of the scheduled date and time, they will receive 3 minor penalties
  • 48 to 24 hours of the scheduled date and time, they will receive 5 minor penalties
  • 24 to 2 hours of the scheduled date and time, they will receive 7 minor penalties
  • 2 hours of the scheduled date and time, they will receive 9 minor penalties
  • After the scheduled date and time, they will receive 1 major penalty

These penalties include the 1 minor penalty for requesting to reschedule a match off of it's schedule date.

3.17.2. Delays

If a participant is not present and ready to play at the scheduled time, 3 minor penalties will be awarded. If a participant is not ready 15 minutes after the scheduled time, a further 3 minor penalties will be awarded.

If a participant is not ready 30 minutes after the scheduled time, they are a no show, and receive 1 major penalty overall and use a wildcard.

3.18. Match result

The result has to be entered and confirmed by participants immediately after the match has ended. This does not affect a participant's right to protest.

3.19. Storage of match media

All match media (screenshots, demos, replays, etc.) need to be kept by the players for at least two weeks. In case of a match protest all match media needs to be kept by the players for until at least 2 weeks after the match protest has been resolved.

Upon request of the tournament administration all match media must be uploaded to the ESL website.

3.20. Protest Guidelines

A protest may only be opened within 72 hours after the start of the match using the protest system. Protests received by other means or too late will be rejected.

A protest is made when problems occur in a match. It may even be filed during a match, e.g. when server settings are wrong.

A protest is a means of communication between the administration and the involved parties. It is advised that only one representative per team takes part in the protest. The individual participant accused of a wrongdoing may, of course, also post in their defence.

A protest is to contain exact information about why the protest was filed. A simple "they are cheaters" is not sufficient.

It is required that all entries are made in proper English. It also required that the text is properly formatted and easily readable. It is expected that all participants are able to write intelligible English.

Insults in the course of a protest are punished with penalty points and may in serious cases lead to the closure of the protest in favour of the other party.

3.20.1. Rematches

If the rules allow a rematch, the injured party may request a rematch. If the rematch results in a worse result for injured party no further claims can be made and the result of the rematch is final.

3.21. Ranking

If at the end of the season, two participants have the same amount of points in the rankings, the score of the match between them will be used to determine the ranking. If the match between them was a tie then their aggregate map/round score is the deciding factor. If multiple participants have the same amount of points and an equal map/round score, a 'mini ranking' is created including only the tied participants. If this 'mini ranking' still has multiple participants tied, the process is repeated until a clear ranking has been established. If it's not possible to determine a winner with this method a round robin tie breaker tournament will be held.

4. Game-specific rules

4.1. TrackMania Nations Forever

4.1.1. Game mode

The latest official version of Trackmania Nations Forever will be used. Matches are best of three tracks. On each track Tennis mode is played up to 7 points.

4.1.2. Play location

All matches of the ESL Pro Series must be played from the United Kingdom or Republic of Ireland. It is not permitted to play a match from abroad.

4.1.3. Map pool

  • ESL-YoYo
  • ESL-Crescendolls
  • ESL-GravE
  • ESL-Caldereta
  • ESL-Double Raibow

4.1.4. Map choice

The choice maps takes place before the match begins. Starting with the lower seeded player, each player removes one maps from the pool. Then, the lower seeded player picks the first map, the other player picks the second map, and the remaining map is played last if needed.

4.1.5. Server

In general a server will be provided by the ESL, but in special cases (e.g. rescheduled matches) players can host themselves when allowed by the league administration.

4.1.6. Screenshots

Both players are responsible for ensuring a screenshots showing the scores at the end of each track is uploaded to the match page as match media, in .jpg format (not zipped), within six hours of the match ending, or both players will receive one minor penalty. If the screenshots are still not uploaded within 72 hours of the match ending, a further two minor penalties will be given.

4.1.7. Disconnections

If during a game player is disconnected, either

  • a) The remaining player offers a re-game, and the round is cancelled.
  • b) The remaining player finishes the round and waits for the disconnected player to rejoin to continue the match.

4.1.8. Carskins and Models

  • Custom avatars are allowed.
  • Only Stadium (standard) models are allowed
  • Painted stage models are allowed.
  • "Underbody lights" and the like are prohibited!
  • Car off is allowed (except for offline matches)

4.1.9. Reset / retire

It is forbidden to use the reset to last checkpoint/retire feature. This key should be disabled!

4.1.10. Shortcuts

Using shortcuts is forbidden.

4.1.11. Horn

Frequent and annoying use of the horn is not allowed. It is not allowed to set the key of the horn to the same as a frequently used key (e.g. gas, brakes, steering). Participants can be punished with up to three minor penalties for abuse.

4.1.12. Chat spamming

Spamming chat in order to distract your opponent can be punished with up to three minor penalties.

5. Penalty catalogue

5.1. General

If a player or a team violates one or more of the league rules, they will be punished according to the degree of the infringement. This penalty catalogue entails a list of which offences penalties may be awarded to players and teams.

The administration will decide whether an offence has affected the outcome of the match to an extent that it can not be counted and must be repeated.

The ESL Pro Series administration reserves the right to give penalties not covered by this catalogue or give different penalties than the ones listed here.

5.2. Violations of etiquette

As in daily life, a certain degree of courtesy should be preserved between players and teams of the ESL Pro Series that. Violations of this rule will be punished depending on the severity and frequency.

5.2.1. Insults

All insults occurring in connection with the ESL Pro Series will be punished. This primarily applies to insults during a match but also on the ESL website (forums, match comments, player guestbooks, support and protest tickets, etc.). Insults on IRC, IM programs, E-mail or other means of communication will be punished if they can be linked to the ESL Pro Series and the evidence is clear. Particularly severe abuse cases with radical statements or the threat of physical violence can result in significantly heavier penalties including the exclusion or to the deletion of the player.

Depending on the nature and severity of the insult the penalty will be assigned to the player or to the team in team leagues. In team leagues players may also be barred from playing for one or more match weeks.

5.2.2. Spamming

The excessive posting of senseless, harassing or offensive messages is regarded as spamming in the ESL Pro Series.

Spamming on the website (forums, match comments, player guestbooks, support and protest tickets, etc.) will be punished depending on the nature and severity. In-game Spam

Up to three (3) minor penalties may be awarded for the abuse of the game's chat functions if it's used for excessive spamming, in order to distract the opponents or to disrupt the game. These functions are solely meant for communication with the opponent and the match admin.

5.3. Unsportsmanlike Behaviour

For an orderly and pleasant game it is essential that all players have a sportive and fair attitude. Breaches of this rule will be punished with (3) to six (6) minor penalties. The most important and most common offences are listed below. However, the administration may assign penalties for not explicitly listed types of unsportsmanlike behaviour (e.g. harassment).

5.3.1. Kicking Players from the game server

Four (4) minor penalties will be awarded for kicking players from the game server. It is prohibited to kick players of the opposing team from the server during a match. The match admin present on the game server decides whether the kick affected the outcome of the match. A rematch may be set in grave cases.

5.3.2. Manipulated or wrong server settings

Both parties need to check the server settings. Wrong server settings must be corrected before the match starts. If wrong server settings are noticed early in the match they have to be corrected immediately. If it's not possible to correct the settings, e.g. the server owner is unwilling to fix them, the match has to be stopped and a protest may be filed by the affected party. If the wrong server settings will influence outcome of the match, the match has to be restarted as soon as either side requests a restart. If the wrong server settings remain undetected until late in the match, both teams will be held responsible. The settings have to be - if possible - corrected. The match will, however, only be repeated if both teams request a rematch. Non-relevant server settings:

Up to two (2) minor penalties are awarded when server settings are wrong or changed that have no or only slight influence on the game. Decisive Game Server Settings:

Up to four (4) minor penalties when server settings are wrong or changed that have a large influence on the game.

5.4. Attempts of Deception

The attempt to deceive the administration or other players using false or fictitious information, statements or data is punishable as follows:

5.4.1. Fake Results

Four (4) minor penalties are awarded for entering a fake result, for example: if the opponent leaves the server prematurely or refuses to play the match. If anything is unclear, e.g. the players cannot agree on a solution, a protest always has to be filed. Fake Match media

Match media includes all records, such as e.g. Demos, screenshots, or logs, that are produced in the context of a match. The counterfeiting of Match Media is prohibited and will be punished depending on the seriousness with one (1) to four (4) minor penalties. Serious Circumstances

If counterfeit match media is submitted and there is a suspicion of cheating the punishment is increased to six (6) minor penalties. Miscellaneous Deceptions

Other attempts to deceive an admin or another player, depending on the severity, will be punished at the discretion of the administrators with one (1) to four (4) minor penalties.

5.4.2. Use of ineligible Players

The use of an ineligible player is punished with one major penalty and a barrage for two playdays The match may be replayed on the request of the opposing team. Ringer/Faker

A further major penalty point, and further two playday barrage will be given if a player is found to be playing under the name of another player.

5.5. Cheats

For cheating, players will be given twelve (12) regular penalty points and the team six (6) Minor penalties. The use of 'hard' cheats (e.g. aimbot, wall hack, multihack), will be punished with a 2 year barrage.

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