Sp00ns vs. Lydia
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MatchID 19969099
Date Sunday, 16/01/11 20:00
Calculated 17/01/11 21:51
firstmap ESL YoYo
secondmap ESL Double Raibow
thirdmap To be decided
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ESL YoYo 1 : 7
ESL Double Raibow 5 : 7
Lydia wins !
Points 0 : +3
06/12/10 13:02
Only just got to know the guy really as he has just joined our team. From what i can gather gilby is having computer problems and wont be back till late in december.

So unfortunatley it could end up being a bye to me which i dont want because i like to race everyone!

If he gets back and manages to find time to train then im sure we can have a fun close match.

GL gilby !
16/01/11 19:47
Unsure by why he calls him self that...
I am to expect a fun and interesting match!

Good Luck and Have Fun!

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