ESL Pro Series Season 3 - Movie #Ghost-Pictures.de
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Hello, I'm Shaunn from Ghost-Pictures, and a new team called impure (Source).
I'm making a movie using all of the best frags from this season of the ESL Pro Series UK, and I would appreciate it if you could do your best to provide me with SourceTV Demos and POVs of your sick frags that you gain during the course of Season 3.

This movie will be as long as I can manage, I'm going to assume around 5-9 minutes long providing that I can gather a fair amount of footage, I've currently got Week 1 sorted, meaning I have downloaded all of the SourceTV Demos provided, and recorded some of the frags I've seen, and began editing.
The current song is Noisia - Machine Gun (16 Bit Remix), but will not be the only song in the movie.

Week 2 is upon us and I am looking forward to you all playing your heart, and hopefully doing a bit of moviefragging ;) ( Looking at you ska <3 )

You can view all of my current uploads at http://YouTube.com/Skylinerev
Please PM me on ESL or YouTube if you wish to add me to steam
I'm usually idling in the common Quakenet invite channels, so it shouldn't be hard to find me emoticon-grin
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Good Luck. Ysh[Y]
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All STV's we have will be uploaded to each match page.

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