Power Gaming vs. teamE
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 Power Gaming
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MatchID 19960258
Date Thursday, 17/02/11 22:00
Calculated 20/02/11 12:42
map de_nuke
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16 : 12
Power Gaming wins !
Points +3 : 0
17/02/11 23:19
uploaded with ESL Wire de_nuke0014.jpg
410 kB, 17/02/11 23:19, by weber (teamE)
17/02/11 23:19
uploaded with ESL Wire de_nuke0015.jpg
430 kB, 17/02/11 23:19, by weber (teamE)
18/02/11 00:19
uploaded with ESL Wire Demo - POWER - Paint
16.9 MB, 18/02/11 00:19, by superturtle (PwR)
20/02/11 22:31
Demo - teamE - jakem
17.2 MB, 20/02/11 22:31, by jakem (teamE)
18/02/11 19:59
Source TV
2.6 MB, 18/02/11 19:59, by jakem (teamE)
Power Gaming










Power Gaming
15/02/11 15:06
Pre-Match Statement
So we've reached the final match of the EPS season at last, and unfortunately the match means nothing to us as we can no longer qualify for the finals. We'll be playing for the win bonus but really we'll just be hoping we don't get any more penalty points. They've proven that they're one of the better teams in the league but we'll see what happens and maybe we can spoil their party a bit. GL HF.
11/02/11 01:26
Pre-Match Statement
After an extremely long season I cant wait to play these really cool guys. As I am writing this statement before the toxic game, this game will either guarantee us 1st or 2nd place in the league for the EPS UK SEASON 4.

A win would be nice however this team stars the London MiNT CGS veteren and even though it was a long time ago he still doesnt't shut up about it. Also he doesn't stop going on about how he hates this game yet he still plays it. ALSO not forgetting he is using previous CGS star Hughsey's tampered config and still doesn't realise.

They have two great looking chaps on the team consisting on WEZ and sliggy i hope these guys dont play otherwise we have most likely lost.

To conclude ritch won't care if he wins or loses this game because eitherway he hates css, sliggy owns online, sshaney owns online, wez owns and i don't know who else will be playing.

Good luck in this great match up and qualifying for EPS finals even though its not possible.
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my name only has one s?

Will there be a STV?
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