H2O.Good Looking Gamers vs. Visualize your Enmity
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 H2O.Good Looking Gamers
 Visualize your Enmity
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MatchID 19960160
Date Sunday, 24/10/10 22:00
Calculated 13/10/10 00:34
map de_inferno
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13 : 16
Visualize your Enmity wins !
Points 0 : +3
24/10/10 23:40
Round 1
115 kB, 24/10/10 23:40, by cookies (VYE)
24/10/10 23:41
Round 2
116 kB, 24/10/10 23:41, by cookies (VYE)
24/10/10 23:29
uploaded with ESL Wire Aequitas - GLG - Boostey 2.zip
1.2 MB, 24/10/10 23:29, by Boostey (H2O)
24/10/10 23:29
uploaded with ESL Wire Aequitas - GLG - D2K -1-.zip
5.0 MB, 24/10/10 23:29, by D2K (H2O)
24/10/10 23:28
uploaded with ESL Wire Aequitas - GLG - ShiGeru
1.0 MB, 24/10/10 23:28, by ShiGeru (H2O)
24/10/10 23:35
Aequitas - GLG - fearLess
1.3 MB, 24/10/10 23:35, by fearLess (H2O)
24/10/10 23:29
uploaded with ESL Wire Aequitas - GLG - w1p
1.1 MB, 24/10/10 23:29, by w1p (H2O)
24/10/10 23:44
uploaded with ESL Wire Demo - GLG - fearLess.zip
19.6 MB, 24/10/10 23:44, by fearLess (H2O)
24/10/10 23:35
Demo - VYE - TreDz
21.2 MB, 24/10/10 23:35, by Demitri (VYE)
24/10/10 23:30
uploaded with ESL Wire Linesman - VYE - 14k
11.1 MB, 24/10/10 23:30, by 14k (VYE)
24/10/10 23:29
uploaded with ESL Wire Linesman - VYE - Puls3
951 kB, 24/10/10 23:29, by Puls3 (VYE)
25/10/10 14:10
25.4 MB, 25/10/10 14:10, by AntoH (VYE)
H2O.Good Looking Gamers





Visualize your Enmity






12/10/10 21:03
SourceTV: bcast02.blank-TV.de:51900

Hey there..

Sat here lostening to random music ive never heard of makes me think about the amount of things in my life that i am yet to experience and i cant help but want to travel to broaden my mind. This in itself causes problems, watching 'An Idiot Abroad' on Sky 1 kind of puts you off going to a number of these places but inturn makes you want to see these kinds of things for your own eyes. Its easy to call somthing weird but at the same time he could be looking back at you wondering the same thing. To an alien species more advanced than ourselfs might look at us with pity and we would not even realise the problems that we face each day. The biggest thing in my eyes at the moment is the pressure society puts on every individual and the illusion of freedom that we all seem to cling to even though real freedom doesnt exsist.

In todays society you cant say what you feel because you might offend someone, this is not freedom. You could aregue that some people may not want to hear things that offend them but at the same time we cannot govern everything and controling everything truly is impossible with the human mind wanting to pusah the boundries of everything that is put in front of him. Having a total free state in itself brings up many problems. People sometimes get the thing in their heads that they want to take advantage of someone or somthing when they can gain somthing from it. This is shown in a multitude of examples. Religion is the biggest abuser of this in a way that if it goes against a religion then there is an uproar of a huge number of people putting pressure on the leaders of any society. Because we are based on a voting system then the act of catering to the masses is more important to the power stratergy than acctually doing the right thing.

Which brings me to competetive gaming. Why is 1.6 knwon throughout the competetive scene as the holy grail and everything should be modeled from it? There are things wrong with the game but if you make an argument then you are shot down by hundreds if not thousands of people who take these kinds of critisism as blasphemy. These people have a closed mind to any change and its these kinds of people that are holding back humanity as a whole. the problem is boosted by the ability to communicate with a mass audience with similarly closed minds, i.e. the internet. The internet is a double edged sword in a way that it is a brilliant thing, im not taking anything away from that, but at the same time it is creating a very lazy popularity bases society that i personally dont want to be a part of. I didnt want to make a facebook acount, but today that is one of the only ways of taking to anyone. Gone are the days of going around someones house to see if they are in or wanted to go somewhere. Its all done online now. Our lives are becoming a profile page. Instead of talking to someone, asking questions and acctually being interested by the answer all we have to do is click on a hyperlink and we are bombarded with information about that person. There is no need to ask where they are from, what they want in life or their religious views cause its all there written down on the internet. This makes it alot harder to even have a conversation with someone. What do you talk about? There is nothing left to ask about their lives so you have to talk about someone elses. This brings the popularity of reality TV. Instead of talking about what happened in each others lifes, they are put up as status updates and we have to follow the lives of someone or some people we have never met and we only know because they are on TV. This makes a very shallow society where any attraction is on surface things and there is no real communication between anyone other than 'LOL EPIC FAIL'.

Enjoy the game lads, gl hf.
Pre-Match Statement
Urmmm ok, slightly worrying statement from GLG there, but oh well. looking to continue our positive start to the season. hf lads.
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comments (11)
wtf!! is that Hahahahahaha
Very well said.

HF guys should be good :)
best match statement ever
ahhahahaha that statement was just epic and true!
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Server details in your email, captains
Interesting read, looking forward to the next article!
gg lads
Hello fellow counter strike source players. Would, by chance, any of you happen to know which computer server we are playing tonights official clan war on?
Cant seem to put the score in :/
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