bouncebackability vs. fish123
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Date Thursday, 06/05/10 21:00
Calculated 07/05/10 00:06
map de_inferno
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9 : 16
fish123 wins !
Points 0 : +3
06/05/10 23:23
Screenshot - 1st Half*
1.1 MB, 06/05/10 23:23, by CHRiSEH
06/05/10 23:24
Screenshot - 2nd Half*
1.1 MB, 06/05/10 23:24, by CHRiSEH
06/05/10 23:23
Screenshot - Status*
890 kB, 06/05/10 23:23, by CHRiSEH
06/05/10 22:09
Aequitas - BBA - LoKo*
2.5 MB, 06/05/10 22:09, by LoKo (BBA)
06/05/10 23:51
Aequitas - BBA - PALMRRR*
2.2 MB, 06/05/10 23:51, by PALMRRR (BBA)
06/05/10 22:10
Aequitas - BBA - ayekuf*
4.6 MB, 06/05/10 22:10, by ayekuf (BBA)
06/05/10 21:53
uploaded with ESL Wire Aequitas - BBA - pint-ZIP*
3.0 MB, 06/05/10 21:53, by pint (BBA)
06/05/10 21:59
Aequitas - Fish123 - akamatt*
2.9 MB, 06/05/10 21:59, by akamatt (f123)
06/05/10 22:10
uploaded with ESL Wire Aequitas - Fish123 - keita*
1.6 MB, 06/05/10 22:10, by keita (f123)
07/05/10 01:01
Aequitas - fish123 - jakem*
1.9 MB, 07/05/10 01:01, by jakem (f123)
06/05/10 21:56
Aequitas - fish123 - mikeE*
1.2 MB, 06/05/10 21:56, by mikeE (f123)
06/05/10 21:53
uploaded with ESL Wire Aequitas - fish123 - weber-ZIP*
2.7 MB, 06/05/10 21:53, by weber (f123)
06/05/10 21:52
uploaded with ESL Wire BBA - Aequitas - Membrane-ZIP*
3.2 MB, 06/05/10 21:52, by Membrane (BBA)
09/05/10 23:58
Demo - BBA - Membrane*
16.4 MB, 09/05/10 23:58, by Membrane (BBA)
06/05/10 23:12
Demo - Fish123 - akamatt*
22.3 MB, 06/05/10 23:12, by akamatt (f123)
* No longer available










05/05/10 18:44
BBA vs Fish123
Our match vs fish seems rather trivial given the impending election and the question on everyones lips is "what can your party do for me?"

Our caller Jimmy "pint" Catleugh is voting for the TNP (Turkish National Party) who propose a 10% tax break for Kebab retailers, Stuart "IkuF" Brown wants to see greater measure's taking against anti social behaviour in his native Salford, Lewis "LoKo" Hancock hates all the parties and will no doubt moan whoever gets in and Guy "Membrane" Mayne is looking for more Afro-Carribean candidates (even though he's the whitest man alive)

Whoever wins the election i'm sure it will be a smashing game and the one of the few remaining chances Jakem will get to play with people on his level, before making the move to demonic (where he will be massively out of his depth.)
05/05/10 20:53
Chilli sauce and salad
Looking forwarding to this game its always exciting beating old team members and great mates (apart from loko). No one in our team is friends anymore due to major ratting on webers part but i still think we will come out on top.

In honour of James "Pint" Catleugh I will be having a chicken kebab before hand and in reality he is to old to really be playing css but still a nice guy.

Best of luck guys all the best


06/05/10 20:36

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comments (9)
Good luck have fun
fyi i respect and admire jakem as a player and a person and do not doubt he will cope with the move

I find that statement offensive and i believe 1 Minor Penalty Point would suffice.

Many thanks,

I wish you the best of luck, bouncebackability.
gl guys <3 prematch :D
muchos love for jakeM <3

can't believe Palmer is allowed to be racist again without any comeback. Dont worry though, tonight my calls will revolve around sending palmer in first and "to go long" every round.

hopefully then he understands the consiquences of calling me a turk

What kinda ratting went down jakem?
Uploaded Aeq twice cause it didn't put the correct name. :S
There's a rename button at the bottom right!
wow never noticed that arent we good lol
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