Bubb vs. Gman
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MatchID 12975229
Date Wednesday, 20/05/09 20:00
Calculated 21/05/09 16:57
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Wales 7 : 5
Scotland 3 : 7
Gman wins !
Points 0 : +3
20/05/09 20:17
108 kB, 20/05/09 20:17, by Gman
20/05/09 20:17
142 kB, 20/05/09 20:17, by Gman

19/05/09 10:50
Match Information
Servername: ESL.eu 4 by Bullracing.org
Official IRC Channel: #esl.tm

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15/05/09 13:41
Ive known bubb in tmn for a long time. I remember i used to be alot better than him these days im not so sure about that. He has become a very quick player and im gonna have to play to my best ability if i want to win this and to secure at least 5th place in the competion.

Also id like to win this becuase il never hear the end of it from bubb if i loose xD
15/05/09 16:58
Haha, yeah ive been in teams with gman since i started and he certainly set the pace for me when i started playing, gmans always been a sick driver and im gona have to play my A game against him. I look forward to this match greatly and need to win to get closer to the 4th spot. Gl to him.
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