yorik vs. pHO
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MatchID 12975205
Date Tuesday, 21/04/09 19:00
Calculated 22/04/09 11:23
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5 : 7
3 : 7
pHO wins !
Points 0 : +3
21/04/09 19:52
83 kB, 21/04/09 19:52, by pHO
21/04/09 19:53
78 kB, 21/04/09 19:53, by pHO
06/04/09 15:11
EPS 4nd round!
My fourth opponent and one of the favorites EPS, like that can be described Ph0. Favorite of this match is clearly indicated, so I will only try to do for Ph0 difficult and maybe make some suprise. Anyway I will do my best.

gl & hf Ph0 ;)
08/04/09 00:50
I haven't played yorik competitively before, but he's given the other players good games so I wont underestimate. Hopefully motivation won't be a problem this week so I can get some training in.

I sit comfortably at the top of the ladder, and maybe even more comfortable after this match :)
comments (11)
can you host server ?
no, but we can maybe use the esl server if you can't host.
yeah, I cant :(
ESL.eu 5 is rdy as always :)
pw: epsuk
19:14, where are you ? I came 5 min. late, but still I am at the time
no show for pho? =/
Wierd, unlike pho not to show..
what happens now o_o
we'll still play this.
I cant connect on server ESL.eu 5, so:

server name: °inteRaction nábor!
location: CZE
pass: eps
gg, sorry about the troubles.
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