Season 2 Official Schedule
Below you will find the official schedule for the ESL Pro Series Season II. As was the case in Season I, we have allocated an official break week for Multiplay's i-36 this season to allow players freedom to participate in both events.
ESL Pro Series Season 2 Official Schedule

09/03/09 - Qualifiers & relegation tournaments completed
16/03/09 - Official start of ESL Pro Series UK Season 2 - First EPS playweek
23/03/09 - EPS playweek 2
30/03/09 - EPS playweek 3
06/04/09 -- Break week for I36 --
13/04/09 - EPS playweek 4
20/04/09 - EPS playweek 5

24/04/09 - Transfer window begins
27/04/09 -- Break week for IFNG #1 & Lan79 --
30/04/09 -- Intel Friday Night Game #1 --
03/05/09 - Transfer window ends

04/05/09 - EPS playweek 6
11/05/09 - EPS playweek 7
18/05/09 - EPS playweek 8
25/05/09 - EPS playweek 9
01/06/09 - EPS playweek 10
08/06/09 - EPS playweek 11 // EAS Hot Phase Begins
18th June - Intel Friday Night Game #2 --
4th July - UK Finals *To be confirmed*

Dates shown are the Monday of each week

Match days
Quake 3: Tuesday 8pm GMT
TMNF: Thursday 8pm GMT
Counter-Strike: Source: Thursday 9pm GMT
Call of Duty 4: Thursday 10pm GMT

The two Intel Friday Night Games which you all have heard about will be announced in due course.

A New Feature: The Transfer window

Due to your feedback we recieved throughout Season I, we have added an official transfer window for the Counter-Strike: Source and Call of Duty 4 teams. The way it works is as follows:

1 transfer per team (transfer = 1 player out, 1 in)
Players may transfer between teams freely within the period of 24th April - 3rd May 2009
Karsh, Friday, 13/03/09 10:54
comments (17)
Noiice noiiice, getting all excited now!
make some noise :)
Finals not on the 11th of July kk thx.

Good news about the transfer window. Cant wait to get this started.
when will we find out who were playing and what maps etc?
Nice one, Transfer Window is a nice idea.
NEOX when the EAS is over and we have the top four progressing to the Pro Series.
ready to rumble :D
alrite karsh:)
looking forward to week 1!
ooo how exciting :D i bet i get pho week 1 :p
we got a map rotation ? :D
Fixtures and other match details are coming soon :)
Maps are probably the same as the previous season. Hopefully one will be published here soon? :)
we'll have the maps and fixtures up tomorrow guys
Will signups be open for EAS before the first EPS matchweek?
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