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Star Wars: The Old Republic patch 1.4 is to introduce controllable moods to the game, which turns out to be just a touch more ludicrous that it sounds. Elsewhere in the SWTOR 1.4 update are changes to crowd control, the Resolve system, and stealth.
Left 4 Dead 2 will be the fourth Valve game to become fully-integrated with Steam Workshop, the community-created content service. From mid-October, you can mainline maps and mods with a single click on PC, Mac and Linux.

We’re celebrating the imminent World of Warcraft expansion launch with a Mists of Pandaria competition, which promises a barrel-load of booty in exchange for just a few choice words. The Mists of Pandaria release date is September 25th, now bear-ly four days away (sorry).

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Luke, Friday, 21/09/12 21:12
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