VERSUS Schedule CW21
A new week and a new schedule. This time UNO, Haxball, CS, Blubgame and the upcoming top shooter Ghost Recon: Future Soldier are our featured games for the next week. We hope you like the selection we made for the next week. Have fun and good luck!

VERSUS Schedule

VERSUS Schedule is a weekly programme of several daily actions within VERSUS. This is a great opportunity for you to enjoy more variety in VERSUS as well as for all fans of smaller games to see their favorite game featured for one day with a lot of interested players participating. Furthermore we will activate an XP Boost for the respective VERSUS game of the day.

VERSUS Schedule

Our Schedule for für CW21

21.05.2012: UNO (Xbox 360)
22.05.2012: Haxball
23.05.2012: Counter-Strike 1.6
24.05.2012: Blubgame
25.05.2012: Ghost Recon: Future Soldier (Xbox 360 / PS3)

Admin VS. User in UNO (Xbox 360)
Monday from 12:00 CET VS. XP Boost for UNO (Xbox 360)
From 20:00 CET you can play with and against the admins!

New game mode in Haxball
Tuesday from 12:00 CET
4on4 Rugby Mode available
VS. XP Boost for Haxball

New Game mode in Counter-Strike 1.6
Wednesday from 12:00 CET
2on2 AWP Mode available
VS. XP Boost for Counter-Strike 1.6

A new game with Blubgame
Thursday from 12:00 CET
1on1 Mode available
VS. XP Boost for Blubgame

A new game with Ghost Recon: Future Soldier (360/PS3)
Friday from 12:00 CET
4on4 Mode available
VS. XP Boost for Ghost Recon: FS

Please leave feedback here or in the forums, if you have specific ideas, wishes and suggestions for our VERSUS Schedule.

Good luck and have fun in VERSUS!

Luke, Sunday, 20/05/12 13:27
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