UK SC2 Qualifiers for IEM Global Challenge Kiev
After the recent IEM events in Guangzhou and New York, you now have the chance to qualify for the IEM Global Challenge Kiev, taking place from January 19th to 22nd. Before that, we will run online qualifiers to determine which teams and players will have the opportunity to compete in one of the most prestigious events in the Esports calendar.

National Qualifiers

There will be qualifiers for the United Kingdom for both Starcraft 2 and CounterStrike 1.6. The top 2 teams/players will qualify for the International Qualifiers, with the winner being seeded higher than the 2nd place finisher. There will be a 3rd place playoff in case of any drop outs.

Starcraft 2 Qualifier

The national qualifier for Starcraft 2 will take place on Tuesday November 1st at 19.00GMT. It will be best of 1 map until the quarter and semi finals, which will both be best of 3 maps, with the final as a best of 5 maps.

Sign up for the Starcraft 2 qualifier here.

International Qualifiers

The international qualification will have three stages. Each country, depending on their past results, gets slots for some or all of these rounds, which will be played in bo3 double elimination, except for CounterStrike's stage 3, which will switch to bo1.

Starcraft 2
Stage #1 Cup on November 13th - Top 16 advance to Stage #2
Stage #2 Cup on December 1st - Top 16 advance to Stage #3
Stage #3 Cup on December 18th - Top 7 qualify for Kiev

The United Kingdom will have the following qualifier slots:

Starcraft 2:
1 * Stage 2 (winner of UK qualifier)
1 * Stage 1 (runner up of UK qualifier)

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