Race for EPS - Update #2!
Two weeks ago we announced the Race for EPS Season 4, giving all games a chance to be include in the upcoming season of the UK's professional eSports league. Today we'll take a look how the race is progressing to give an idea of which games are in the lead, and which games are trailing behind.
First of all to clear up any confusion, at the moment the following games are still planned to be in the upcoming ESL Pro Series season:

  • Counter-Strike: Source
  • Quake Live
  • Trackmania

Other games?

So far we have still not seen much support for games other than Counter-Strike 1.6 and Call of Duty 4. If there is an active UK community in any other games then let us know about it!

Call of Duty 4

Call of Duty 4 was included in the first 2 seasons and was dropped due to poor support from the community, have things changed?

  • There are 2 more teams in the ladder since last week
  • 7 matches have been played since last week

  • The number of teams has improved a little, but the number of matches being played has gotten a little worse. Teams need to get challenging, or trying the Matchmaker!

    Counter-Strike 1.6

    After a solid community effort with the August League last year, the Intel Extreme Masters qualifier and the Amateur Series season that followed, Counter-Strike 1.6 was included in this season's ESL Pro Series.

    Unfortunately the community was let down both by many of the ESL Pro Series teams who were too disorganised to survive the season, and then the community itself by not actively playing in the Amateur Series.

  • There are 2 less teams in the ladder since last week
  • 10 matches have been played since last week

  • The number of matches played is good but seeing two less teams in the ladder is obviously disappointing, especially when there are already noticeabley less teams than Call of Duty 4. There needs to be more teams joining the Amateur Series and then play, play, playing!


    The verdict so far after 2 weeks: Call of Duty 4 is still in the lead but is starting to slip a little.
    TheRogue, Friday, 18/06/10 14:38
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    :) Great new, CMON COD4!
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