Frequently Asked Questions

If your question is not answered here, or if you need further help, please try talking to an admin in IRC or open a support ticket.

My Aequitas/ESL Wire is broken, can I play without it/record instead/use another anti-cheat?

No, there are absolutely no exceptions to playing with Aequitas. If you have a problem using it, then you may not play until you have solved the problem. See the Aequitas page to find solutions.

I have problems entering my Steam ID/gameaccount

SteamIDs are entered without the STEAM_ prefix, i.e. 0:0:00000. If your SteamID/gameaccount is in use or you have another problem, then open a support ticket.

Do I have to record demos?

In general, for all matches in all games on the ESL you must record and keep demos for at least 14 days. Demos are required as an extra precaution against cheaters. Serverside (e.g. HLTV/STV) demos are not a substitute as they are not accurate enough to legally ban someone for cheating.

Are custom GUIs/scoreboards/models allowed?

To ensure fair play and prevent abuse, all customisations to in-game are forbidden. This includes all custom scoreboards and models. Custom GUIs that do not change anything in-game (menus only) are allowed.

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