Summer Cup Series Cup #6 tonight!
Sign up is open for the sixth cup of the summer season. Take part and earn points towards qualifying for the finals where you can win a DediGames PRO XtreM gameserver from VeryGames!

Looking for matches?

If you can't make it to the cup, or even if you can, why not join and play in the 5on5 Ladder?

Summer Cup Series 2010 Prizes

We have teamed up with VeryGames, server sponsors of the ESL Pro Series to be able to offer a DediGames PRO XtreM gameserver for 1 month to the lucky winner of the Summer Cup Series Finals.

Summer Cup Series 2010 Finals
1st. DediGames PRO XtreM gameserver for 1 month, Summer Award, 5 * 1 month ESL Premium
2nd. 5 * 1 month ESL Premium

Can't wait, want one now?

As part of our partnership VeryGames are offering a 20% discount for the VeryGames store on all* new purchases of between 1 and 12 months.

* Except Web Only, Domain Name and Bitdefender

Go to VeryGames and use the promotion code: esluk

Summer Cup Series Cup #6

   Begin: Wednesday 14th July, 7pm UK time
   Team nationality: This is an ESL UK Cup, it is open to teams from the UK & Ireland only. At all times teams must have a majority of UK or Irish players.
   Meeting place: Please have members available at all times in #esl.uk.css on Quakenet IRC!
   Structure: 16 or 8 teams, single elimination
   Match mode: First to 16 rounds (MR15), overtime MR3 + 10k start money
   Server Config: esl5on5.cfg / e5on5.cfg
   Anti-cheat: Aequitas is required, absolutely no exceptions
   Maps: de_dust2, de_train, de_nuke, de_inferno
   Demos: POV demos are not required in this cup

   Deadline to make a protest
   10 minutes after the match
   If the match is closed you are not allowed to make a protest
   Deadline to upload Aequitas
   10 minutes after the match


   Round of 16 7.00pm
   Quarter Finals: 8.00pm
   Semi Finals: 9.00pm
   Final + 3rd place: 10.00pm


The use of our anti-cheat client ESL Aequitas (included with ESL Wire) is compulsory!

All players must use Aequitas during their matches and afterwards upload their Aequitas archive. Failure will result in default loss!

Please test your Aequitas before the cup!

If you are using ESL Wire you can test your Aequitas by joining the Aequitas Testing team and using the open match.

If you are using standalone Aequitas you can test your Aequitas with this match link: http://www.esl.eu/eu/wire/aequitas/cs/aequitas_test/match/16027433/

If you have problems
   See the top fixes on the Aequitas homepage
   Check the Aequitas FAQ
   Look or post in the Aequitas forum

How to sign up?

First all players on your team must register on the ESL.

Important! If you or any of your players have ever registered before and have forgotten your or their details, do not make a new account, write a support ticket

All players must register their Steam ID (HL2/CSS) gameaccounts.

The team captain should create the team by going to My Teams and Register new team.

After creating the team, the captain should set a password (My Teams -> Manage team -> Edit team, then give the link to the team and password to all players. They can can join the team with the 'join team' link on the team page.

Then the captain can can    Sign Up

Up to 32 teams can sign up early. If the cup is full now, then you may be able to check-in in the last ten minutes if there are still spaces, keep reading to find out more.

To confirm your place in the cup you must check-in 20 minutes before the cup starts! Read below!

Until 6:40pm Sign-up From now until twenty minutes before the cup starts teams can sign up in advance
Check-in To confirm their place in the cup, all teams must check-in within 20 minutes of the start of the cup. The first 10 minutes are for teams that signed up in advance, after that anyone can sign up. Check-in is first come, first serve.
7pm Start of cup The cup starts! Make sure you are in the IRC channel so that you can find your opponent, and they can find you. Check your open matches to find your match.


Your Admin team
TheRogue, Wednesday, 14/07/10 13:50
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Good luck all!
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