Who wants to be the "King of de_"?
Lets play a new style of Cup-Series with Premium Prices. The system and all information you need are in this news. Read on!

King of de_???

The CupSeries "King of de_" includes 4 Cups. In each cup only 1 single map will be played. For example in the first cup only de_dust2 will be played. The Winners of each cup will play move on to the Playoffs to become the "King of de_". The Playoffs will be played in BO3 Mode. Each Team plays their winner map and the third map will chosen by us.

General Information

   Modus: 5on5 MR15, Single Elimination
   Links: Rules and Settings (5on5 Ladder Settings esl5on5.cfg)
   Questions? IRC and Supportticket
   Restrictions: entered SteamID, Trusted 1 for players from , , and Trusted 3 for players from , and
   Sign Up: NOW to half our before the cup starts
  Attention: ESL Wire Anti-Cheat is mandatory and has to be used!

de_dust2 Cup 10.04.11

de_tuscan Cup 17.04.11

de_train Cup 24.04.11

de_season Cup 01.05.11

Playoffs 08.05.11

Additional Information

Check-In System

In this Cup we'll use the ESL "Check-In System". If you don't know the handling, just read here.


  • will get 3 months
  • will get 2 months
  • will get 1 month

The first three places of the Playoffs have to open a Supportticket to get these prices.

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The Team wishes lot of fun.

TheRogue, Friday, 08/04/11 12:20
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good luck to all teams :)
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