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The second season of the UK CS:GO A-Series is upon us, seeing £500 being put up for grabs by our friends over at Steelseries. Kicking off on Monday 16th December, the competition is open to all teams with a majority line-up from the United Kingdom and Ireland.

Introduction & Additional Information

After a successful first season, the UK CS:GO A-Series is back, this time featuring a five hundred pound prize pool thanks to our friends at Steelseries. To accompany the cash prize pool we've got our hands on bundles of ESL Premium, which are to be allocated to the runners up at the end of the season, alongside some ad-hoc giveaways for activity!

The second season, kicking off on Monday 16th December, will be open to all teams that are comprised of a majority line-up from the United Kingdom and/or Ireland, giving our local talent a protected platform to advance their competitive abilities. Sign-ups are scheduled to go live on Monday 2nd December, at 17:00GMT.

But we’re not just pretty faces here at ESL UK, we've been listening intently to the feedback you've been giving to us throughout the first season, prompting us to make a few adjustments to the way we do things. You told us there were too many play days, we reduced them. The fledgling teams told us they wanted to be separated from the semi-professionals, we’re giving them their own division. Awesome right?

The season is due to conclude on Sunday 26th February, seeing all teams contacted via email for prize distribution. There will be no matches during the week commencing Monday 23rd December due to the Christmas period.

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Tournament Details

  • Signups Start: Monday 2nd December

  • Tournament Starts:Monday 16th December

  • Tournament Ends:Sunday 26th February

  • Prize Pool Distribution:1st - £250, 2nd - £150, 3rd - £100

  • Premium Distribution:Premier Division - 4th, 5th / Open Division - 1st, 2nd.

  • Christmas Break Period: Monday 23rd Dec - Saturday 28th Dec

  • Ladder Format

    The competition will be played out in a best of one ladder format, seeing teams battle it out on the Monday and Sunday of each week. Every two weeks, a ladder update will take place, promoting and demoting four teams to their respective divisions. The top teams from the previous season have carried over 70 points, rewarding them for their dedication during season one.

    Each Sunday will see the following play times:
  • 19:00GMT, 20:30GMT, 22:00GMT

  • Each Monday will see the following play times:
  • 20:00GMT, 21:30GMT

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    Have any questions? Feel free to create a support ticket

    For any question, problems, doubt, perplexity, feedback and advice, please contact us via support ticket and an admin will be happy to help you.

    Thank you,
    Your Admin Team
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    CS:GO 5on5A-Series
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