Top of the Amateur Series
The ESL Amateur Series the place to play for UK Counter-Strike teams looking for good matches or to make to the ESL Pro Series. It has been a week since our last look at the Amateur Series, has much changed?
As we mentioned at the end of last week's news the top teams had only just joined the ladder so how have they done so far?

Top 8
Rank Name Points Matches W D L
1. Infernal Gamers 1166
8 0 0
2. Infinitus eSports 1142
7 0 0
3. Dangerously Overrated Hasbeens 1132
6 0 0
4. Turn Up and Win 1078
6 0 2
5. Virtuoso.cs 1071
3 0 0
6. RedEye 1047
2 0 0
7. Team Dignitas 1039
2 1 0
8. diamondZ CS1.6 1026
1 1 0

Three of those "top 5" teams are already in the top 8, the other two are just below in 9th and 10th place. Unfortunately they haven't as strongly proven themselves as the teams above with Virtuoso having two default wins so far and Dignitas one, but we are in no doubt they will playing their hearts out as soon as possible to rack up the points to get to the top of the ladder.

The very top of the ladder has not changed much with Infernal Gamers playing just two games so far in the last week and straightsix one but I expect they'll both have a couple more by the end of next week as those "top 5" teams make use of their places in the top 10 to force them to play.

Turn Up & Win have proven themselves with five matches in the last week solidifying their 4th place position, likewise vitalsigns have played three to keep 3rd place.

Unfortunately locked and friends's impressive number of matches (12, seven matches in the last week) is not helping them as they have fallen from 5th to 13th place.

We'll be back next week with the last update before the Christmas break.

Your Admin team
TheRogue, Friday, 11/12/09 16:54
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Yims sitting second last, kooshtie
Come on Re with the default wins for the league win.
auto invite to amateur series wahooooo
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