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This forum needs to wake up a little.
I'm Dougie, I'm 23. Platinum Toss player and general gamer.

Finished University; going back for further study in September.
Nice to meet you all :]
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ok. I'm Chris (evilguy13) i'm a 18 year old bronze protoss, caster, and UK Esports interviewer. (i play near enough everything)

currently in college doing radio broadcasting, and going again to do IT in september.

Nice to see this forum getting some activity XD
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Hello I am new to these forums, and new to sc2
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Hi, I'm Damon, 28. Engineer in the Royal Navy (UK) and I'm a Bronze Protoss player. Just signed up and perhaps I might sign up for Bronze Tourney if i can shake the ladder anxiety emoticon-grin One day I'll have the spare leave time to get to a Barcraft but the times never seem to marry up well with travelling to & from work. glhf.
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Hey all, i'm Grant 38 currently Silver Terran player, spend too much time watching casts than playing atm. anyone want to add sc2 id #913 or xfire exe74.

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hi my name is luke i what to join a team if you pm me on sc2 ldcc and 268
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