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Strategy Sport RPG Sim & Racing Fun

Turtle Entertainment GmbH
Managing Directors: Ralf Reichert, Heinrich Zetlmayer
Registergericht AG Köln HRB Nr. 36678

Siegburger Str. 189
50679 Köln
E-Mail: info@turtle-entertainment.com

Deutsche Steuernummer: 214 5817 1134
EU Ust. ID: DE216144739

License Owner Belarus

Turtle Entertainment C.E.E.

License Owner Bulgaria

Gaming Entertainment LTD
Sofia 1000
Slaveikov Square 1
Entr. V floor. 3

License Owner China

China E-sports Interactive Technology & Development Co., Ltd.
Rm 5A28, 4/F, JingYangHongChang Tower, No 2,
TiYuChang South Street, Shijingshan District,
Beijing 100043,

License Owner France

Turtle Entertainment France
5, rue des Artisans
37300 TOURS

License Owner Greece

Reload Entertainment
Valaritou 12,
10671, Athens

Mitropoulou 15,
54642, Thessaloniki

License Owner Italy

ProGaming Italia GmbH
Zuegg Strasse 38
39100 Bozen

License Owner Moldova

Turtle Entertainment C.E.E.

License Owner Poland

Turtle Entertainment Polska
Hierowskiego 37.
43-100 Tychy

License Owner Russian Federation

Turtle Entertainment C.E.E.

License Owner Spain

Turtle Entertainment Espana
Calle Golondrina 40 Bajo A
28023, Aravaca
Madrid, Spain

License Owner CIS

Turtle Entertainment C.E.E.

License Owner United Kingdom

KUODA Limited
58 Cyprus Road
LE2 8QS Leicester
United Kingdom

License Owner United States of America

Turtle Entertainment America
1212 Chestnut Street
CA 91506 Burbank
United States of America

License Owner

Violent Hour Entertainment Pty Ltd T/A
211 Lower Athelstone Road
Athelstone, S.A 5076

License Owner Lithuania

UAB IT Baltics
Savanoriu pr. 415-38
LT-49287 Kaunas
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