General Tasks
As League Admin your task is to support the league. For this purpose you are part of a squad and deal with the task as a team.

Support: You are handling supports from all kind of topics. To do this you should have experience with the game and the appropriate section on the ESL page.

Protest: In a dispute you have to find a solution that meets the rules, but also allows all parties a fair end of the protest.

Leaguejoins: Requests for a league participation will be monitored by admins. They also take care that a player is eligible to play in the league, in which he wants to enter into. Due to automatic checks this can be easy or even unnecessary.

Gameaccount Change: If a player changes his game account (e.g. SteamID), then this change must be checked by admins, so no wrong game account will be registered.

General Tasks: In addition to the tasks above, an admin takes care that the matches are played according to the rules. Besides that an admin also supports via IRC and the ESL Forum. However, participation in internal discussions is encouraged.
Additional Tasks
Besides the general tasks, each admin can engage in additional tasks.

News: You can create news on all aspects of your game section. This can be a news to a cup, a game update or rule changes.

Cups: If you are interested, you can create and manage cups and put them into effect. This includes appropriate planning, organization and support.

Rules: Every admin can participate in the discussion, writting up and questioning the rules, as well as testing maps and configs.

Scene / Community Activity: Any admin can get involved in the community. This can happen in Admin vs User Gather, but also in many other measures. This also includes the contact to scene pages.

FAQ / Content: In every game there are special features that are described in a FAQ or other pages. These can be created and maintained.

Internal Beta Testing: All admins can help with testing a beta. Participating as an admin is also useful because the support is later handled by the admins.
GFX Squad
Requirements: Creativity and knowledge of professional graphics software. You can regular apply to the GFX Squad, but you should give a few examples for your GFX skills.

Tasks: The focus lies in creating game-related graphics for the main pages of the respective game, news and content pages. Besides that there are graphics for awards, logos, wallpapers and much more to come.
Requirements: Anyone who has experience as an admin and has interest in the EPS can register to become an EAS and EPS Matchadmin.

Tasks: Control of the match sequence of an EPS matches, both online and offline at events. Contact with the organization of teams for the match, but also create statistics are important tasks of the EPS Matchadmins.
Requirements: You can only participate as an experienced Anti-Fake Admin in the Playercard Squad.

Tasks: Checking the playercard applications for fake accounts.

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