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I come here to offer a suggestion about EslWire.
An addition ESLWire,
When you launch the Game with ESLwire there was a small error message if they were failing to close a unwanted software by ESLWire, like Cheat Engine (Very used for any other thing). 

Like Starcraft 2 before log on, StarCraft scan to see if cheat engine are start or not.

Advantage: Less wrong Banished. (It will save a lot of account)
disadvantage: Less Stats for ESL.

Will do its much more professional, 
What you really seek ESL? Have as much as possible banished? Or less banned?
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why should we close Cheat-Engine before we actually launch ESL Wire Anti-Cheat?

It's not that harmful as you might think. You can for example abuse the DBVM to try to manipulate ESL Wire itself, which is clearly not what we (and hopefully you) want.

There are a lot more tools which can be used to manipulate specific programs, for example the Memory Editor/Scanner.
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