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Name logiX e.V.
Shorthandle logiX
Registered since 19/03/10
Homepage http://www.logiXev.org
IRC #logiX  (QuakeNet)
Headquarters  Germany
Welcome to logiX e.V.
The roots of logiX go back to the year 2000, when some of its founding members were part of the foundation German Forces. The Clan logiX-eSports was founded in Summer 2006. On 20.10.2008 we finally managed to achieve the inscription into register of associations. This marked the end of the former logiX-eSports and the beginn of logiX e.V. as an registered association.
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IRC #logiX  (QuakeNet)
Gameserver Bnet Channel: logiX e.V.
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Latest matches
  StarCraft II Clanwar Clanwar Bundesliga Quali Cup 2
loss   sIN.Gaming  0 Wednesday, 10/11/10 18:00 13
  StarCraft II Clanwar Clanwar Bundesliga Quali Cup
loss   causeWEcan e.V.  + 2 Tuesday, 09/11/10 18:00 23
  StarCraft II Clanwar Ladder
loss   SFTO eSports sc2 old1  -20 Tuesday, 26/10/10 20:00 7
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