The ESL Gather system

The ESL Gather System

With the ESL Gather System you can find friends and like-minded people to play with. It is not focused on the competition but more on the fun and social part of gaming. It is a system with which you can find other players with whom you can play, not matter if you are have a team, no team or half a team. No matter if you are looking for a friendly match, a practice match, a 1on1 or a mixed team match.

The ESL Gather System only has a few rules, a bit of anarchy is allowed and preferred. You, the players, should have all the freedom to decide how you want to have fun. It is the alternative to the chaotic search for an opponent in chat, not knowing who you are facing.

The ESL Gather System gives you the room for lots of different modes:
  • Friendly matches (PCW, fun ..)
  • Mixed Team Gathers, no matter if it is a 3on3 Counter-Strike Match, a 16on16 Battlefield2 Monster-Match, or a 14 player race in Live For Speed, etc.
  • Play in Coop-Modus. Are you looking for a player to play Coop with??
  • Test new games. Because we force very little to no rules it is easy for new players of a game to get used to the game.

An overview of the most important features:
  • Several Modi: Team vs Team, Mixed Teams or 1on1
  • 24 hours, 7 days a week active
  • Gather now or plan ahead.
  • No rankings, no tables, no points - just gaming.
  • Pre-Match-room with chat and up-to-date listing of the participants
  • Invite players: Let your friends know that you have started a gather.
  • Rate you opponents and decide if you would play against them again.
  • A wide range of join restrictions (Trusted, Premium, Ratings, ..)
  • u.v.m.

How does an ESL Gather go?

First you have to choose your game. Then you can search for open gathers or for gathers with certain criteria. Then you can join the gather or start your own.

When creating a gather several settings can be made, the name, how many players, what level of players do you want. You can also activate several join restrictions ie. only Premium members or only people with a playercard.

There are two different kinds of gathers. "Team looks for other Team" means that an already formed team is looking for another team to play a friendly or practice match. "Mixed teams" will not have predetermined teams and in the pre-match-channel players can form their own teams.

An ESL Gather can be created to start right now or it could be created to start in the future, up to 36 hours in advance. So you can easily look for a practice for the next evening or a mix for later that day.

When creating a new gather the settings from the previous gather get automatically ported so that you can easily create a gather in a matter of seconds and in two clicks.

The creator of a gather has the ability to invite other players to his gather. He can sent an ESL Webmessage or an E-Mail to members of his teams, participants of previous gathers or directly to a certain user.

When you enter a gather a new window will open with the "Pre-match-channel". This window is divided into three parts: an overview of the most important settings, a list of all players and a chat so you can talk to the other players in your gather.

The list of players gets updated every few seconds so you always have an up-to-date view of who is going to play. Besides the photo, name and main-team there is also an icon showing the status of the player.

For all the players the most important button is that of team-choice, next to the ready button, which has to be clicked when you are ready to play.

The creator of the gather is also the "Gather Master", who can control all the important settings. He can kick players, can change the size of the gather and he can start the gather when all players are ready. He can also lock the teams so that no players can change the teams once they have been agreed upon.

When all players are ready the Start button will appear for the Gather-Master with which he can start the actual gather. In the chat all the important information such as IP addresses and passwords should have been given by the.

After a match all participants need to take a final look at the website to confirm the end of the gather. Here you have to confirm that the gather was completely played. You also have the chance to rate all the players on their behaviour and performance. Only when more than 50% of the participants have confirmed the gather, the gather will be counted as a played gather in the statistics.

Summary: Gather gets created, players join in the pre-match-channel, players choose teams and click on the ready button and the Gather-Master can start the gather by clicking on Start. After the gather you have to confirm and rate the gather.

A detailed description of all the functions can be found at the next page.
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