ESL Wire: Frequently Asked Questions


What does “Windows certification test failed” mean?

It’s nothing to worry about and you can continue the installation process. It just means, that the network driver that will be installed with ESL Wire (needed for VLAN), is not approved and checked by Microsoft, which costs a lot of money.

My anti-virus software claims ESL Wire has a virus?

Usually this is not a problem as we are in contact with most popular anti-virus software to be whitelisted. The reason for this is because the way ESL Wire Anti-Cheat works is similar to the methods used by some viruses. If your anti-virus causes problems then you should setup exceptions for your anti-virus for the ESL Wire folder.

General Questions

Why is there no multiprotocol instant messaging included (e.g. ICQ/MSN)?

We also removed this feature during the beta. Analysis showed that only a mere 5% of users actually used it. The work needed to implant and keep a feature like that running on a high standard would be too much. There are a lot very good multiprotocol chat tools around, which focus on the subject, while we wanted to focus on our own core subjects.

Screenshot function

Why do I get a short sound, like a “ding” after starting a game, when ESL Wire runs in the background?

The sound signalizes that the in-game screenshot function is initialized and ready to make screenshots.

I’m getting kicked from Punkbuster, what is happening?

This may happen if you are running two programs at a time that access your graphic driver (e.g. for making screenshots), like “XFire” and ESL Wire. We are working on a solution for this problem together with the creators of Punkbuster, but as long as the problem occurs, the only solution is to close XFire or disable the screenshot function of ESL Wire. The screenshot function of ESL Wire can be easily disabled in the settings.

I can’t tab back to the desktop while running ESL Wire!

This is a very rare problem and it can be easily solved by having another task running in a window on your desktop while playing your game (e.g. notepad, firefox etc.). There is just another task needed in your taskbar to solve it. A alternative solution is to disable the ESL Wire screenshot functionality in your settings.


Does VLAN work with Windows 7?


Does VLAN work with any Windows 64bit?


The VLAN connection works fine in some games, but in other we can’t find each other LAN games!

You might need to adjust your firewall and create exceptions for the games or disable it completely while playing.

Note to Warcraft III players: You have to manually add the “war3.exe” and no the “WarcraftIII.exe” or “Frozen Throne.exe”

What are the meanings of the following status messages?

„Interface: Realtek RTL8168B/8111B Family PCI-E Gigabit Ethernet NIC (NDIS 6.20) (22ms)
UPnP ... failed.
Port mapping: ... not identified! For security reasons a random port will be used!
Your public IP:
ESLvnic not available. VLAN ... stopped.“

„Interface: Realtek RTL8168B/8111B Family PCI-E Gigabit Ethernet NIC (NDIS 6.20) (22ms)
UPnP ... failed.
Port mapping: ... identified!
Your public IP:
ESLvnic not available. VLAN ... stopped.“

Interface: ESL Wire is trying to access the “fastest” network connection to the World Wide Web. It’s trying to use the above stated network card for VLAN.

UPnP failed: Means ESL Wire tried to open a network port using UPnP, but the router rejected the request.

Your public IP: the ip address ESL Wire uses for external communication.

ESLvnic not available. VLAN … stopped: Probably ESL Wire was installed without the VLAN components and drivers. Without the ESL Wire network driver VLAN can’t be used, it’s also possible that you aborted the network driver installation at the “Windows certification test” (see above).

What is the meaning of the status message “Port mapping … not identified! For security reaons a random port will be used!”

In the ESL Wire settings a fixed port for VLAN can be defined, at the start of Wire it will try to reach that port and establish a connection over it. If it doesn’t work it will use a random port instead and will inform you about it by above stated message. It’s not an error message, but information for the user.

I can “ping” other members in my VLAN, but they can’t “ping” me!

The “ping” or “echo requests” are running over the ICMP protocol. By default the Windows firewall is setup to allow outgoing requests, but to block incoming requests. If incoming requests should be answered you have to disable your firewall or make a exception for it.

Where can I find the virtual network adapter (XP)?

Many users are annoyed by the network adapter tray icon, so the network adapter will be hidden in Windows XP. The function can be disabled in the user defined installation. If you need access to it, the easiest way is to reinstall ESL Wire and disable that feature.

I have a problem with VLAN and Windows XP 64bit!

Under Windows XP 64bit conflicts with the QoS- (Quality of Service) network adapters from Microsoft may appear. We couldn’t record any deterioration of traffic performance without QoS. Only a very limited amount of users is using Windows XP 64bit edition, so we didn’t invested more time to investigate the problem. To disable QoS for the ESL Wire network adapter you have to install it without the hidden feature (see FAQ entry above). Afterwards you can disable it in your network settings.

After the installation of ESL Wire some games don’t work when I try to play them normal over the internet!

Some (especially older games) use a special Windows functionality to use a working network adapter. The function always delivers the last installed network adapter, because it has the highest priority, but the priority of the adapters can be changed in your network settings. Afterwards, if you want to play the game again using VLAN you have to change the priorities again.

After starting ESL Wire I get the error message “Critical error: Your router doesn’t follow any known rules for port mapping. It’s implausible that incoming connections will work.” What does that mean for me?

To use VLAN, ESL Wire needs to establish a connection between users over the internet. That means that ESL Wire needs to build a connection through your router. Your router translates the connection in a way ESL Wire can’t interpret it. ESL Wire won’t be able to establish to connections to other players, or just randomly. To avoid disconnects or connection errors a different way to establish your connection should be chosen, you should manually create a port mapping within your router, or enable UPnP.

Which network protocols does ESL Wire support?

ESL Wire supports games and applications with UDP and TCP connections, it doesn’t support the IPX protocol, nor is it planned to do so in future.

Tested and supported games of the VLAN feature:

Bionic Commando
Counter-Strike 1.6
Counter-Strike Source
Dawn of War: Dark Crusade
Dawn of War: Soulstorm
Day of Defeat : Source
ET: Wolfenstein
Empire Earth 1
Garrys Mod
KKND2: Krossfire
Race Driver GRID
Rainbow Six Vegas 2
Swat 4 + Add on
Team Fortress 2
Trackmania Nations Forever
Warcraft 3

Games that are tested and proved not to work 100%:

Command & Conquer 3 TW
FlatOut 2
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