Apply for the last four spots in the A Series, SC2!
The four last spots to the A Series will not be invites, but you can apply to get them. So write a good application, and your team might be the lucky ones!

We want to give everyone a very last chance to play in the ESL A Series this season, therefore you have been given this chance. Remember that the application should look nice and clean, applications which is lacking the required information will be rejected.
Application form:

You should send us an email to nordic@staff.esl.eu, with the subject "Application to the A Series, SC2".
Required information:
Player Nickname
ESL Profile Link
Online/offline achivements
Why should we pick you?

The four best applications will be rewarded with a spot in the ESL A Series, we do only answer those four.
Nilsen, Saturday, 16/04/11 20:02
SC2 1on1 A Series Season 4
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