B-Series - Spring Season 2011 opened for Starcraft 2
Want to qualify to the A-Series, and play among the pros? The B-Series is where players need to begin their campaign to qualify for the A-Series. The league is now opened and ready for your participation.


The ESL B Series is the ladders that are used for qualifying to the ESL A Series All teams and players that reside in the Nordic region are allowed to participate in these ladders, where there is atleast once forced match, set by the administration, per week.

ESL Nordic B-Series: Starcraft 2

B-Series: Starcraft 2
Information Date: 06/04/11 18:00 -> 01/07/11 00:00
Sign up: 06/04/11 17:30
Participants: Unlimited
Mode: Best of three
Mode: Firt map random, second loser pick and so on
Premium: Premium is not required!
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Prize Rankings Points, 1-4 with direct qualification to play next seasons A-Series. 5-8 have to play playoffs
IRC Channel #esl.nordic.sc2
Rules Rules can be found here

LnKinho, Monday, 11/04/11 16:39
SC2 1on1 B Series
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