StarCraft II 1on1 - A Series Information
After the cancel of ESL Pro Series Nordic this season, we can hereby announce the information regarding the A Series qualifiers. ESL A Series is what many of you might know as the old Amateur Series.

Remember that the league structure has been reseted, which means that you will have to qualify even though you played in the Amateur Series last year.
StarCraft II

It will be a total of three qualifications cups in order to decide which teams who will join us in the A Series. We will also invite 2 top players to join our leage. Your team can participate in all of the three qualifiers.

All rounds will be played in the best of one format, with a single elimination bracket, the grand final will be played in best of three.

Top 4 players from each qualifier will qualify for the ESL Nordic A Series.
Qualification #1 Starting 09/04/2011 18:10 CET (Click to Signup)
Qualification #2 Starting 13/04/2011 18:10 CET (Click to Signup)
Qualification #3 Starting 16/04/2011 18:10 CET (Click to Signup)
Nilsen, Wednesday, 06/04/11 20:45
SC2 1on1 A Series Season 4
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Good luck to all.
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