Summary of Viking Cup #3
When one of the best zergs of Europe signed up with his viking helmet on, we all knew that we were in for a trip!
With the cup being a bit smaller than usual, sporting 119 contestants, the cup began on Thursday 27th. The big names this time around were Ciara, FaiLo, Haypr0, LaLush, MorroW, Naniwa, PhoboS, xDkFaT, XeqtR and ZpuX. A really powerful lineup.

Early in the bracket XeqtR, FaiLo and xDkFaT got knocked out while we saw LaLush stopping MorroW but ZpuX later knockied him out. Thorzain won over Haypr0 and BanneD taking out PhoboS in the round 5 and quarters. The brackets of Viking Cup was just oozing with amateur potential.

Haypr0 having issues handling the new mass air strategy shown by Thorzain

In the first semi final we saw an epic BO3 between Naniwa and Zpux where the first match was played with reversed races, Naniwa playing Zerg and ZpuX choosing Protoss. It was a excellent game and both players showed that they know how to play off-races. ZpuX taking a 2-1 victory and some friendly mannered laughs were tossed around as ZpuX was clear for the final showing no sign of the earlier debated conflict between the two top players.

LaLush making a gamewinning decision to counter-attack the expansion of MorroW and thereby cut all his income. Very smart to not engage the tanks and thors.

The other semi final, between Ciara and Satiini, was postponed to Friday. For those of you that have missed out on the WarCraft 3 professional scene I can tell you that Danish player Ciara is a true powerhouse in WC3. The BO3 ended 2 – 0 favouring Ciara. Satiini showed us that he is a up and coming amateur with some real potential reaching this far in the tournament.

This ment that ZpuX was facing Ciara in the BO7 finals. On paper that was a ZvZ final but ZpuX starting off by selecting Protoss as the first map, Lost Temple, was played. When Zpux probe reached the base of Ciara a big bomb was dropped. Ciara didn't see that ZpuX was playing Protoss and a furious Ciara gave up since his build was not suited for play against Protoss.

Many of the 6 games played were extremely tight Ling/Baneling matches that kept the players at around 12-15 workers for 15+ minutes microing every inch of every unit. As the standings were 3-2 favouring ZpuX a ZvZ was played on Steppes of War where ZpuX showed everyone a really effective counter against the Ling/Baneling build where he dominated with Roaches and won the finals, 4-2.

Last game of the finals, the spit that saved the lifes of so many drones.

We congratulate ZpuX, winning the 50€ prize and the honor of being one of the SC2 vikings! Also really great to see the WC3 player Ciara flexing his potential in the cup. Well played!
TheBeard, Saturday, 29/05/10 20:35
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If I remember right, Satiini was also semi-pro/pro wc3 player like Ciara. Not sure, though.
Satiini was a high level wc3 player as well, but never attended any lan finals, due to a fobia of travelling.
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