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06/11 20:35 vs. Chi

Thursday, 26/05

StarCraft II | 21:22
Nordic Summer Cup#1We welcome you to the first ESL Nordic SC2 Summer cup! this will be a endeavor that will happen throughout this summer, and the first one will be the first casting attempt of our 2 brand new casters! Seala and Nazario will guide you through the evenings action this coming sunday. So tune in or sign up for some hot sc2 action starting this sunday!

Monday, 02/05

StarCraft II | 19:55
Patch 1.3.3 in developmentA few days ago blizzard announced that patch 1.3.3 is currently in development. This minor patch contains several balance changes. Read bellow to find out more about the next upcoming patch.
StarCraft II | 19:39
ESL A Series: Starcraft II: 1on1 informationFirst of all, we would like to thank all the teams who applied for a spot in the upcoming A Series in Starcraft II: 1on1. Because of 8 good applications, we had a tough job reaching the conclusion of which 4 players that should get the spots. The chosen ones are the last 4 mentioned below. If you're qualified or chosen for the league, read this news carefully!

Sunday, 17/04

StarCraft II | 18:46
The champion of Easter!Ready to fight!? Do you want to become the next champion of Easter? If the answer is yes then don't hesitate to sign up for this years easter cup. It's all free and the winner gets two months of free premium! All matches will be played as bo1. So if you loose you will be gone for good!

Saturday, 16/04

StarCraft II | 20:02
Apply for the last four spots in the A Series, SC2!The four last spots to the A Series will not be invites, but you can apply to get them. So write a good application, and your team might be the lucky ones! We want to give everyone a very last chance to play in the ESL A Series this season, therefore you have been given this chance. Remember that the application should look nice and clean, applications which is lacking the required information will be rejected.

Monday, 11/04

StarCraft II | 16:44
StarCraft II 1on1 - A Series Qual #1Finally the first StarCraft II 1on1 Qualification Cup is over, after a successfully cup, we are now standing with the first four participiants for the A Series.
StarCraft II | 16:39
B-Series - Spring Season 2011 opened for Starcraft 2Want to qualify to the A-Series, and play among the pros? The B-Series is where players need to begin their campaign to qualify for the A-Series. The league is now opened and ready for your participation.

Wednesday, 06/04

StarCraft II | 20:45
StarCraft II 1on1 - A Series InformationAfter the cancel of ESL Pro Series Nordic this season, we can hereby announce the information regarding the A Series qualifiers. ESL A Series is what many of you might know as the old Amateur Series. Remember that the league structure has been reseted, which means that you will have to qualify even though you played in the Amateur Series last year.

Friday, 18/03

StarCraft II | 11:55
OMNI and Team KnäckebrödESL Nordic Sc2 are proud to present two of the swedish teams competing in this season of ESL Nordic Sc2 A-series Clanwar!

Saturday, 04/12

StarCraft II | 12:08
RotterdaM to cast all SC2 matches in EnglishThis weekend the Alienware Finals of the German ESL Pro Series Season 17 are taking place in Cologne. Beside the German commentating on ESL TV, our latest addition to the ESL TV crew, Kevin "RotterdaM" van de Kooi, will cast all StarCraft II matches live from Stuido 2. Get your dose of StarCraft II today!

Tuesday, 16/11

StarCraft II | 13:19
One hour video interview with Dario 'TLO' WünschOn November 11th Dario 'TLO' Wünsch came back to Germany after ending his stay in Korea. Dennis 'TaKe' Gehlen was waiting from him at the airport together with a group of TLO-Fans to welcome him home. Our ESL TV commentator took this opportunity to interview TLO about all the things that have happened since he left Germany. The result is a one hour video that we are proud to present to you now!

Sunday, 12/09

StarCraft II | 00:55
Intel Extreme Masters National cups - PlayoffsThe best of the groups will face each other in the four respective countries this Sunday.

Monday, 06/09

StarCraft II | 16:35
Intel Extreme Masters National cups - groupstageWe are ready to kick off the Intel Extreme Masters National Cups. Groups have been announced and matches should be scheduled asap!

Sunday, 05/09

StarCraft II | 15:36
Intel Extreme Masters National cups - InformationThe Intel Extreme Masters National Cups start monday the 6th of September, at 19:00, there will be an initial groupstage, with 3 to 5 players, depending on country, in each group. The matches in these groups are scheduled to play in the next 5 days, where all matches have to be done by friday 23:59. Top 2 of each group will go to a single elimination best of 3 cup that starts sunday the 12th of september 18:00.

Thursday, 02/09

StarCraft II | 19:21
The Intel Extreme Masters Season 5 Starcraft 2 Cups are here!The Intel Extreme Masters Season 5 Online season is now opening, with the national cups! The top talent from Norway, Sweden, Finland and Denmark in Starcraft 2 will have to battle it out for one of the available spots in the Online Season of Intel Extreme Masters European Championship.

Wednesday, 09/06

StarCraft II | 07:13
Summary of Viking Cup #4Even though I was absent during Thursday and Friday (family events) I heard that Viking Cup #4 was a success with the exception of the stream.

Saturday, 29/05

StarCraft II | 20:35
Summary of Viking Cup #3When one of the best zergs of Europe signed up with his viking helmet on, we all knew that we were in for a trip!

Sunday, 23/05

StarCraft II | 12:20
Summary of Viking Cup #2Two great nights as Viking Cup #2 was played on may 20th and 21st. Finland was suppressed as the Swedes and Danish showed their great strength.

Saturday, 15/05

StarCraft II | 12:09
Summary of Viking Cup #1A lot of ups and down as Viking Cup #1 was played during Thursday and Friday. This did not stop the Finnish players from showing some true viking power.

Saturday, 08/05

StarCraft II | 23:24
ESL Viking CupThis is a brand new weekly cup for the Nordic residents only. It's going to host Nordic players from the very top as well as amateur.

Friday, 07/05

StarCraft II | 07:31
Beta Patch 11The new patch from Blizzard is a very creative one which tries to address problems by rethinking everything.

Tuesday, 04/05

StarCraft II | 07:28
Release Date!On may 19th 2007 we heard the news that pretty much shocked the whole world. Blizzard themselves told the world about their commitment to StarCraft II. We soon learned that Blizzard had secretly been working on StarCraft II since 2004. I remember the announcement day and it was one of those you just can’t get out of your head. Another of those days is about to happen, on 27th of July 2010.

Monday, 03/05

StarCraft II | 20:51
ESL TV Comments on lack of English commentaryA lot of questions have risen and people have not yet got answers to some of the most important questions regarding the broadcasts from the ESL TV network. Today we get some answers!

Saturday, 01/05

StarCraft II | 11:51
News Roundup!Alot have happened the last few weeks and I'm going to attempt a recap of the biggest happenings and give you a fair update on going on right now.

Tuesday, 13/04

StarCraft II | 07:08
Beta Key Winners!The giveaway was easy. You entered a comment on which race you predicted would win the Go4SC2 #5 tourney and added a funny reason to why you need a beta key. The final was played yesterday and Protoss won with White-Ra in command.

Thursday, 08/04

StarCraft II | 18:48
Beta Key Giveaway!This is the perfect opportunity for you to get on the inside of all the delightful StarCraft 2 Beta action that is going on.
StarCraft II | 07:51
Beta Patch 8!Many have requested something to be done to the Roach unit. Many patches have gone by without change. But this eight patch show no mercy.

Wednesday, 31/03

StarCraft II | 11:32
Beta Patch 7A lot of players in the community have long said that the StarCraft II Beta needs better defence abilities. Their prayers have been answered with this seventh patch in the order. Let’s take a look!

Tuesday, 30/03

StarCraft II | 07:56
Go4SC2 #1 Final - ReportImagine a tournament where every week, 256 players battle it out for a chance to win 100€. Imagine if there was a grand final every month where the best from each week duke it out. That is ESL Go4SC2.

Monday, 29/03

StarCraft II | 18:56
News Roundup!A lot have happened in the StarCraft II community the past week. A new patch for the beta and some truly epic tournaments have shown us who the top men are in EU right now.
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