Thorzain vs. SjoW
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MatchID 20555108
Date Thursday, 25/11/10 16:10
Calculated 25/11/10 17:42
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0 : 2
SjoW wins !
Points 0 : +2
25/11/10 18:04
Round 1
121 kB, 25/11/10 18:04, by flabbert
25/11/10 18:04
Round 2
123 kB, 25/11/10 18:04, by flabbert
24/11/10 19:34
I dont know if i'm supposed to write a statement for this so I'll do it just in case.

During the season I was able to beat SjoW with a score of 2:1. However, one of those games i cheesed him. Perhaps he has learned his lesson and will scout me this time?

This will definitely be a very hard match, because I see SjoW as the favorite of all the 4 players participating in the finals at dreamhack. However I will do my best and I think that if I play good enough I have a chance to beat him once again!

HF // Marcus "ThorZaIN" Eklöf
25/11/10 14:40
vs thorzain
Im alittle tired right now but I guess thorzain is the same. I predict a tight match 2-1 either way since he manage to beat me last time we met.

I have learned my mistake form last time tho so hopefully it will go better this time.

gl hf
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