ESL Pro Series Nordic CS 1.6: Play Day 7
Another week, and another round of matches in our own top league. This round contains lots of good quality counter-strike matches, so prepare yourself for all the action and excitement. Get ready, because play day 7 of this 3rd season is here.

The Matches

teamnor vs fnatic at 20:00

teamnor went separate ways with their organization Online-Kingdom a little while back. It currently looks like that was a boost for the
Norwegians, as they have been accused of not winning enough matches in this year's edition of the Pro Series, because they took an impressive win against PlayZone.fi last round. Their opponents this round is non less than the Swedish giants in shape of fnatic, who is currently placed second on the leaderboard. After facing Rage-Gaming last week, fnatic had to swallow a 16-13 loss against their rivals in Rage-Gaming. Mabye this will make the Swedes hungry for a revenge in this round? Follow this match to see all the excitement, when teamnor battles up against fnatic!
Our tip:9-16

Tuesday, 12/10/10 20:00
Status: closed

 Alchemists Unle.. (#6)[16:12] fnaticMSI (#3)

No Problem! vs ArcticNova at 22:00

The Danes from No Problem is facing the Norwegians boys from
ArcticNova in this 7th round of this third edition of the Pro Series.
ArcticNova, who currently finds themselves in the bottom of the leaderboard,
will face tough opponents this round, but is surely hoping for their first victory ever in the ESL Pro Series Nordic. No Problem, on the other hand, stands with six points after winning two matches, out of five played. This looks like it could be an interesting match for both teams, so surely they will both give it all to win!
Our tip:16-5

Tuesday, 12/10/10 22:00
Status: closed

 ex-TCM (#9)[16:9] ArcticNova (#12)

mTw vs eXelon Gaming at 20:00

Denmarks WCG finalists meet up with fellow countrymen teamteam which rescently teamed up with eXelon. The eXelon side comes from a harsh defeat by the hands of Rage-Gaming. Now they'll meet another team in good form in mTw. mTw make their first official appaerance after their WCG final, and will surely continue
the momentum after one of the most epic WCG finals ever.
Our tip: 16-10

Tuesday, 12/10/10 20:00
Status: closed

 mTw int. (#2)[16:11] teamteam v2 (#11)

Rage-Gaming vs Cheap Times at 20:00

The swedish side of RAGE is currently leading the table after six rounds, and the team also is the only team left with a clean sheet with six straight wins. They will face a hurtened Cheap Times currently holding a 10th place, and also rescently lost one of their key players to eXelon in turkizh. They also lost their previous match against dakarma in a narrow 16-13 defeat, and momentum is currently not with the danes at the moment.
Our tip: 16-13

dakarma vs PlayZone.fi at 20:00

Clash of the bottom half of the talbe. The Finnish divisoin of Playzone currently finding themselves at rock bottom, and will surely want to put some points on the board. The very well have to do this against dakarma. dakarma is in good shape with 16-4 against teamnor, a narrow 14-16 loss against SK Gaming, and most rescently a win against Cheap Times.
Our tip: 12-16

Monday, 25/10/10 19:00
Status: closed

 dakarma (#7)[14:16] Team Soltec (#8)

SK Gaming vs fnatic at 19:00

Clash of the titans no doubt this round. The SK side went out of this years WCG in the quarter finals against their polish rivals in Frag eXecutors. fnatic however had to sit out this years version of WCG after some disputes between the two sides in front of the tournament, but in the ESL Pro Series the team stands with an equal amount of points with SK Gaming. The winner here will surely be in the race for 1st place with Rage-Gaming, while the loser will lose terrain in the race for the 1st place.
Our tip: 16-14

Tuesday, 12/10/10 19:00
Status: closed

 SK Gaming (#5)[6:16] fnaticMSI (#3)

mTw vs Cheap Times at 21:00

Another Danish duel is taking place this 7th round of this
third season of the ESL Pro Series Nordic, and is this match
the well known Danish team of mTw will take on their fellow countrymen
in shape of Cheap Times. mTw currently standing with three victories before this round, out of four played matches, while Cheap Times only stands with a draw. Both teams will have this as their second match of the evening, but that surely wont be no problem for two teams of this caliber. They both definitly wants to win this, so be prepared for a Danish duel with a lot of excitement when mTw faces Cheap Times!
Our tip:16-12

Tuesday, 12/10/10 21:00
Status: closed

 mTw int. (#2)[16:4] CHEAP TIMES (#10)

sappe, Tuesday, 12/10/10 17:30
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