CS:GO Released
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is released and of course the ESL is more than prepared for all of you who would love to test the game and have a look at multiple modes, team sizes and other stuff. VERSUS, cups and more. a warm welcome on ESL. Join us and have a nice time with CS:GO!

CS:GO on ESL: Play for fun, competition or prizes

Over the last week the number of players was constantly rising and so we are looking forward to even more players who join the scene with the final release. All during beta we have had cups, competitions and more and we will keep up our effort to give you the perfect surroundings to test CS:GO to its core!

You want to play right away with no big limitations or any organizing in advance? We already have VERSUS for CS:GO and have a good amount of players in 5vs5, 2vs2, 1vs1 and the new 3vs3 Demolition mode. But this is not everything. As soon as we hear wishes for special modes and see more custom maps appear we will see what we can do about it. Anything special you are missing right now? Just drop a comment and we will see what we can do about it!

Play CS:GO VERSUS 5vs5 (de_ maps)
Play CS:GO VERSUS 3vs3 Demolition
Play CS:GO VERSUS 2vs2
Play CS:GO VERSUS 1vs1

Cups are good practice, and a good test for you and your team.
Therefor we are soon presenting you for a series of CS:GO cups here at the ESL Nordic.

More information on the CS:GO Europe Portal

Breezer, Wednesday, 22/08/12 14:59
Play CS:GO in VERSUS now!
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