Viking Cup CS:S - Cup #5
Are you ready for the second qualifier in April? Read more to get the details for Cup #5.

You might have noticed that we have updated the news teaser, and the icon for Viking Cup, we are also working on a new banner, so stay tuned for some great grapich work!
Viking Cup #5

Viking Cup #5
Cup Details Date: 10/04/11 18:00
Check-in: 10/04/11 17:30 - 17:59
Participants: 32 (Can be expanded)
Mode: Round 1 -> Round 5 is Bo1
Mode: Finals Bo3
Premium: Premium is not required!
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Prize Rankings Points (€350 in Monthly Finals)
IRC Channel #ESL.Nordic.CSS
Rules Rules can be found here

Short Rules

Short Rules

#1 ESL Wire Anti-Cheat is mandatory, missing Anti-Cheat will result in a default loss.
#2 In-eye record is mandatory, you do not need to upload demos unless requested. If it is, upload it in a .zip-file on the match page.
#3 Status Screenshot is required (status in console), you will always have to upload it on the match page.
#4 Score Screenshot is required from both rounds, upload it to the match page after every match.
#5 Max Round 15
#6 A knife round decide which team who will start on which side
#7 Read the rest of the rules here
Nilsen, Monday, 04/04/11 21:29
CS:S Viking Cup Cup #5 (Sun. 10th April)
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