Viking Cup CS:S - Cup #6
Lets prepare for the last qualifier for the monthly finals this month!

You should also notice that we have moved the Monthly Finals this month, so be sure to check it out.

Viking Cup #6

Viking Cup #6
Cup Details Date: 17/04/11 18:00
Check-in: 17/04/11 17:30 - 17:59
Participants: 32 (Can be expanded)
Mode: Round 1 -> Round 5 is Bo1
Mode: Finals Bo3
Premium: Premium is not required!
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Prize Rankings Points (€350 in Monthly Finals)
IRC Channel #ESL.Nordic.CSS
Rules Rules can be found here

Short Rules

Short Rules

#1 ESL Wire Anti-Cheat is mandatory, missing Anti-Cheat will result in a default loss.
#2 In-eye record is mandatory, you do not need to upload demos unless requested. If it is, upload it in a .zip-file on the match page.
#3 Status Screenshot is required (status in console), you will always have to upload it on the match page.
#4 Score Screenshot is required from both rounds, upload it to the match page after every match.
#5 Max Round 15
#6 A knife round decide which team who will start on which side
#7 Read the rest of the rules here
Nilsen, Friday, 15/04/11 18:22
CS:S Viking Cup #6 (17th April)
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