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Thursday, 26/05

Counter-Strike: Source | 01:54
Vikingcup #12 Monthly Final has been cancelledDue to insufficient interest in the qualifiers up to, and in the actual tournament itself the Vikingcup Monthly Final for May has been canceled. Do not fear though, we full expect to return with the concept after the summer holidays, when the weather returns to the fouler and people return to the indoors again. so watch this space for future developments of the concept!

Monday, 16/05

Counter-Strike: Source | 15:08
Viking Cup CS:S - Cup #11The last qualifier for the monthly finals is here. Be sure to sign up for a chance of winning 350 Euros in the monthly finals!

Thursday, 28/04

Counter-Strike: Source | 14:08
Viking Cup CS:S - Cup #8A new month with Viking Cup. May is blessed with Sundays so we will have 4 qualifiers before the Monthly Finals 29 May. Remember in the Monthly Finals you can win 350 Euros, do not miss it.

Monday, 25/04

Counter-Strike: Source | 20:40
ESL A Series: Invited teamsAfter recieving 16 applications to be a part of ESL A series, we have had a tough job reaching the final decision of who to be allowed to play in the upcoming season. We would like to thank all the teams who sent in their application this was not an easy task for us.

Sunday, 17/04

Counter-Strike: Source | 19:18
zBlock 4.6 releasedThis night the zBlock developer Team has published zBlock 4.6! This version is from now on obligatory. Read on for more information.

Saturday, 16/04

Counter-Strike: Source | 19:38
A Series: Last CS:S Qualifier done!After two weeks with intense qualification action, we are ready to present you the best teams and players in every qualifier. The last slots in the A Series will be decided in the 23rd of April 23:55, the three best applications we have received by then will be awarded with a spot in the ESL A Series.

Friday, 15/04

Counter-Strike: Source | 18:22
Viking Cup CS:S - Cup #6Lets prepare for the last qualifier for the monthly finals this month! You should also notice that we have moved the Monthly Finals this month, so be sure to check it out.

Thursday, 14/04

Counter-Strike: Source | 21:40
Do you want to play in the CS:S A Series ? Apply now!The three last spots to the A Series will not be invites, but you can apply to get them. So write a good application, and your team might be the lucky ones! We want to give everyone a very last chance to play in the ESL A Series this season, therefore you have been given this chance. Remember that the application should look nice and clean, applications which is lacking the required information will be rejected.

Monday, 11/04

Counter-Strike: Source | 16:37
B-Series - Spring Season 2011 opened for Counter-Strike: SourceWant to qualify to the A-Series, and play among the pros? The B-Series is where players need to begin their campaign to qualify for the A-Series. The league is now opened and ready for your participation.

Saturday, 09/04

Counter-Strike: Source | 19:09
A Series CS:S - Qualification #1 Over!Yesterday we finnished the first qualification cup for Counter-Strike: Source in the ESL A Series, where we could see a icelandic team taking home the victory.

Wednesday, 06/04

Counter-Strike: Source | 20:45
Counter-Strike: Source - A Series Qualification Information!As we were forced to cancel our very own ESL Pro Series, we will hereby give you information regarding the ESL A Series(previous known as Amateur Series). Remember that the league structure has been reseted, which means that you will have to qualify even though you played in the Amateur Series last year.

Monday, 04/04

Counter-Strike: Source | 21:29
Viking Cup CS:S - Cup #5Are you ready for the second qualifier in April? Read more to get the details for Cup #5. You might have noticed that we have updated the news teaser, and the icon for Viking Cup, we are also working on a new banner, so stay tuned for some great grapich work!

Tuesday, 29/03

Counter-Strike: Source | 17:19
Viking Cup CS:S - Cup #4The first series of Viking Cup is over, with Team Speedgaming being victorious and claiming the 350 Euros! We continue the series with the second series of Viking Cup in starting this week!

Monday, 28/03

Counter-Strike: Source | 23:51
Viking Cup - Monthly Finals - SummaryOur first Viking Cup has come to an end. With two qualifying cups and an additional six teams signing up, the total amount of teams were eleven.

Monday, 21/03

Counter-Strike: Source | 23:48
Viking Cup #3 - Monthly Finals (Win €350!)It's ready for our first Monthly Finals for Viking Cup CS:S. Four teams have proven their skill, and have been automaticly qualified for the Monthly finals. But who is this teams?

Sunday, 20/03

Counter-Strike: Source | 18:08
Viking Cup CS:S - Cup #2The grand final between Team Hellfragger and ROCKSTAR was played yesterday, were we could the the swedes in team ROCKSTAR taking the victory home with 2-0! Let us prepare for the second Viking Cup!

Saturday, 12/03

Counter-Strike: Source | 11:28
Launching Viking Cup CS:S!We can proudly announce Viking Cup for Counter-Strike: Source 5on5. Weekly cups, and a monthly final with prize money involved. In every monthly final, your team have the chance to win a total of 350€.

Thursday, 17/02

Counter-Strike: Source | 21:30
1on1 Aim Cup #2Let us go for our second Aim Cup at ESL Nordic, the same as last friday. MR 15 at aim_map. The prizes will be the same, 2 months ESL Premium for the winner, and 1 month for the second place.

Wednesday, 09/02

Counter-Strike: Source | 20:52
1on1 Aim Cup #1Our first 1on1 Aim Cup in Counter-Strike: Source this year is about to kick-off, so let us find out who is the best aimer on ESL Nordic! The first edition of the Counter-Strike: Source Aim Cup will feature Premium Prizes to the 1st and 2nd place, hopefully we will have contestants, lots of contestants from the whole Nordic!

Sunday, 05/09

Counter-Strike: Source | 00:55
ESL Major Series VII CSS: Information*After some delays, we can finally announce the dates and brackets for the ESL Major Series VII - CS:S National Qualifiers! All qualifiers have to be done before the 12th September. All teams are allowed to play their first matches before the play day, then you should remember to upload the required match media: Screenshots (First and second round, rcon status) and Aequitas, demos on request

Thursday, 15/04

Counter-Strike: Source | 19:51
ASUS ENC CS:S: Nordic Battle in Qualifier 4Today marks the start of the last qualifier for Counter-Strike: Source in the ASUS ENC 2010 and immediately kick it off with the Scandinavian giants Norway versus Sweden, and an hour later we will see Austria playing against Spain. Later this week we will also bring you Belgium versus Hungary, Poland versus Switzerland, Russia versus Portugal and another Nordic showdown, namely Finland versus Denmark, which means that two Nordic countries will not get a chance to participate in the main round of the ENC.

Wednesday, 10/03

Counter-Strike: Source | 13:12
The new Nordic CSS section is up and runningThe new renovated ESL Nordic Counter-Strike Source page is now up, with some new features, and easy accessibility it should be easier than ever to navigate the nordic css section, and generally talk CSS here on the ESL Nordic site.

Monday, 10/08

Counter-Strike: Source | 21:35
zBlock 4.4 Final-VersionThe new version has several new features and fixes included. Therefore it is mandatory with immediate effect.

Friday, 12/06

Counter-Strike: Source | 11:02
Source Fever Sunday Cup #4The CS:S section was very happy to see many sign ups for the last CS:S Sunday Cup and we look forward to another exciting cup with CS:S Sunday the 14th of June. The Source Fever Sunday Cup #4 includes premium prizes for the places first, second and third spot in the cup! Please keep in mind that there's more to come - we are still in the starting phase and we are still working on our partners and sponsors to assure that we get the best out of the CS:S section in :sca: ESL Nordic.

Thursday, 04/06

Counter-Strike: Source | 18:04
Source Fever Sunday Cup #3Sunday the 7th of June the third :sca: ESL Nordic CS:S Cup will take place and will start at 16:00 CET. The CS:S Section at ESL Nordic is working hard for you CS:S players to get the best out of your games and we will do our best so that everything will run as smoothly as possible. As for now the Sunday Cup's will not include any prizes, but we are working on it and in the future we will have prizes.

Thursday, 28/05

Counter-Strike: Source | 16:32
Source Fever Sunday Cup #2Last Sunday the first ever Source Fever Sunday Cup was played here at ESL Nordic! We are happy about every participating team in the CS:S Section and we are looking forward to another exciting Source Fever Sunday Cup! The CS:S section at ESL Nordic is still in it's starting phase, which means that you and your team can help to shape the future of this section in ESL Nordic, by showing interest and participating in our cups and ladders.

Monday, 18/05

Counter-Strike: Source | 12:51
Source Fever Sunday Cup #1Today we bring you some information as well as the opportunity to sign up for the first ever Counterstrike Source Sunday Cup here at :sca: ESL Nordic . The Source Fever Sunday cups will as announced be held on a regular base every Sunday at 16:00 CET.
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