Anexis eSports e.V. vs. The MIPC Organization
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 Anexis eSports e.V.
 The MIPC Organization
Status: closed
MatchID 17953444
Date Sunday, 28/03/10 20:00
Calculated 28/03/10 21:59
map de_dust2
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13 : 16
The MIPC Organization wins !
Points 0 : +2
28/03/10 22:01
Round 1*
227 kB, 28/03/10 22:01, by Aabe ([MIPC])
28/03/10 22:01
Round 1*
95 kB, 28/03/10 22:01, by Aabe ([MIPC])
28/03/10 21:57
uploaded with ESL Wire 17953444-ZIP*
1.0 MB, 28/03/10 21:57, by yez ([MIPC])
28/03/10 21:56
uploaded with ESL Wire 17953444-ZIP*
25 kB, 28/03/10 21:56, by ese (Anexis e.V)
28/03/10 21:57
uploaded with ESL Wire 17953444-ZIP*
1.0 MB, 28/03/10 21:57, by ZMep (Anexis e.V)
28/03/10 21:57
uploaded with ESL Wire 17953444-ZIP*
725 kB, 28/03/10 21:57, by Aabe ([MIPC])
28/03/10 21:56
uploaded with ESL Wire 17953444-ZIP*
615 kB, 28/03/10 21:56, by KIPSIk ([MIPC])
28/03/10 21:57
uploaded with ESL Wire 17953444_1-ZIP*
1.7 MB, 28/03/10 21:57, by ese (Anexis e.V)
28/03/10 22:01
Aequitas - - ADELAIS*
1.2 MB, 28/03/10 22:01, by APEHEHE (Anexis e.V)
28/03/10 21:59
Aequitas - - FatAbboth*
884 kB, 28/03/10 21:59, by FatAbboth ([MIPC])
28/03/10 21:57
Aequitas - [MIPC] - Atza*
862 kB, 28/03/10 21:57, by Atza ([MIPC])
28/03/10 21:57
708 kB, 28/03/10 21:57, by henkka (Anexis e.V)
28/03/10 21:58
1.9 MB, 28/03/10 21:58, by pikseli (Anexis e.V)
* No longer available
Anexis eSports e.V.





The MIPC Organization





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comments (22)
Match Date: Sunday, 28/03/10 20CET or 21CET due to http://www.esl.eu/nordic/css/5on5/ems6_fi_qual/match/17953443/
"If the three team agreed, i can allow to postpone the both match"

Nobody asked us about our opinion for this. Nice job. Maybe you should first discuss with us?
1 edits
Also we have a server available for this match.
Maybe we don't mind the time, maybe we do... can't say it yet clearly because I have to ask all our players opinions. Admins should contact all the teams before making any decisions. People will only get angry.

Also the schedule for the whole qualifiers is bad and still admins are making things even worse for the players and teams. There should have been one match per week and not a match almost every day.
4 edits
Well at the moment it looks that 21.00cet on sunday is ok for us. Hopefully this doesn't change.
3 edits
20cet or 21cet on Sunday, I think both times are okay for us. We would like to play on our finnish server this match too.
We won't postpone or change the time of this match anymore and the time must be 20cet or 21cet on sunday. Otherwise our enemy has to give forfeit win for us. Our server ip is and you can ask for password from irc. #mipc @ quakenet and /msg Atza^ or just /msg Atza^.
4 edits
If the admin has anything to say or something changes are coming, then contact me atzaaa@gmail.com or #mipc @ quakenet and /msg Atza^ or just /msg Atza^. Only admin. Or say the changes here. Otherwise anything won't change anymore.
There is no choice. This match has to be played sunday night. 20CET or 21 CET
About tonights match.

Server ip:
Contact us for the password!

If you don't contact us and don't show up on time we consider that you have given forfeit win for us. I hope we can start the match as soon as possible against the winner of this match, 20CET or at least 21CET. There is no other choice as the admin has said already.

Contact information:
#mipc @ quakenet
/msg Atza^ @ quakenet
/msg [MIPC]A-tza^ @ quakenet
2 edits
Also don't forget that we have moved clocks 1 hour forward. It doesn't still change everything. Match will be played 20cet/21cet and it is 21/22 local finnish time +2GMT.
atza hävis
ai hävis?
enpäs, voitettii!
miks nwave meni jatkoo vaik ne hävis:DD?
bugaako toi, ei nwave ansaitse jatkopaikkaa, tykkään enemmän atzasta ja kumppaneista!!
ei voi muut sanoo ku et ihan vitun paskaa pelii meilt
ootte silti jatkos! Atza^ ei ollut tutustunut sääntöihin tarpeeksi, minkä seurauksena MIPC diskattiin. GG
MIPC voitti 16-13 ja on jatkossa, fixattu.
1 edits
hahha .D:D:D:D:D:D:D::DD::D
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