EAS Ladder - the road to the 1st Division!
Have you and your team ever wondered how to get to the ESL Amateur Series Division 1 (the only way to the Pro Series)? Then you'll find the answer right here!

The ESL Nordic is growing greatly, and it is time for you to step in if you want to take part in the prize money and matches of the future.

ESL Amateur Series - Ladder

We are currently having 4 active teams on the ladder, and with the promotion opportunities in mind, it is way too few.

Promotion from EAS Ladder

The top-4 ranked teams on the Ladder will win a spot directly into the EAS 1st Division, which, in season 3, will feature 16 teams in 1 group. The 1st Division is the only way to the ESL Pro Series.

The 5th-8th ranked teams on the ladder will get a spot in the ESL Amateur Series Div. 1 relegation tournament, where they will play a single-elimination bo3 tournament against 5th-6th from each of the current 1st Divisions. This tournament will have 4 winner-teams who win a spot into the 1st Division.

Weekly match

Every Tuesday at 19:00CET there will be an auto-challenged match for each contestant on the EAS Ladder. It is, however, possible to move the match through a match-protest if needed.

But you and your team can play all the matches you want by challenging the other teams on the ladder - in many situations activity on the ladder is worth it!

IRC Channel

Official IRC Channel for EAS Ladder: #eas.nordic @ quakenet.org
- here you can find the teams competing in the ladder and other useful information regarding the ladder.


You and your team are able to sign up for the EAS Ladder right here:


EAS Ladder - end date

Thursday, 17/06/10 at 23:59CET
JKN, Wednesday, 28/04/10 19:28
EAS MR15 Ladder
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If you have any questions, feel free to ask them right here in a comment! :)
When can teams start to play?
Locan wrote:
When can teams start to play?

Right now! :)
i search team.
We had to rename our team due to joining an organisation, but then we got banned from ladder (for 5 days) was wondering if that is necessary since we hadnt started gaming in the series yet even... Anything that can be done or we have to wait ?
When will the season end, at the ladder?
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