Night Cup Series - Finals Results
After a few qualifiers, the finals of the 5on5 Infantry Night Cup Series were played. And now, we got a winning team!

There were many hard matches in this serie. The standard maps were played and the Back to Karkand were tested. The best teams compete against each others to be the best. But now what everyone wants to know the winners:

Congratulations to the Top3!


5on5 Infantry Night Cup Series - Prizes
    We will give out ESL Premium for the top 3:

    5 x 3 months premium for the Winning Team!
    5 x 2 months premium for 2nd place.
    5 x 1 month premium for 3rd place.

Your Admin Team

crazybas, Friday, 24/02/12 13:51
comments (3)
congrats ^^
Wp GiFrenhy
How did Ireplica do??? OHH yeah, they were not allowed to play for the ESL admins, because they switched to Gamers Platoon!!! AWESOME!!! LOL!!!
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