Intel Extreme Masters Latvian Cup
It's time to gather all Latvian Counter-Strike teams together and to find out who is the best! Then just the best team out there will get the chance to represent Latvia in the upcoming season of the Intel Extreme Masters. Featuring $500,000 in prize money, if you've been waiting for your chance to shinem here it is. Qualification for the world's most important Counter-Strike tournament will begin soon!

How can my team get into the Masters?

The Latvian National Cup will determine the best team in the country which will qualify for the Qualifying Round 1 of the European Championship.

The Sign-ups for the Latvian Cup are open until Sunday, the 30th of August. The structure of the tournament will be announced on Monday, the 31st of August as is depends on the amount of sign-ups. The tournament itself will start early on 1st of September and has to be finished until 9th of September. Please make sure that you have enough free time during these dates as rescheduling probably won't be allowed. Do not sign-up if you aren't available during these dates!

Find out more about the fourth season of the Intel Extreme Masters

ESL Aequitas Anti-Cheat

Our own Anti-Cheat client ESL Aequitas is mandatory for all Intel Extreme Masters matches including the national cups. Check out our Aequitas Portal to find out more about ESL Aequitas.

Global Sign-up Rules

- The team has to always use a majority (3) of players from the country (not region) they want to sign-up for
- No player can participate in more than one of the cups
- The cups are run in a very short period of time, and therefore we cannot allow delays due to teams or players on holiday, or similar issues
- Depends on the sign-ups for a country it could be possible to play more then one match per day
- National Cups will start early on 24th of August and have to be finished until 9th of September
- Each team should have a suitable ESL teamaccount (Shorthandle, Logo, Homepage, Contactdetails, Headquarter)
- Each team member should have a suitable ESL playeraccount (Full Name, Photo, Age, SteamID, Contactdetails)

Sign-up here!


If you have any problems or questions, please write a support ticket!
crtmN, Wednesday, 26/08/09 16:23
comments (8)
ok..good luck and have fun all latvian teems..
but i think need counter strike :source cup too.
Sadly IEM doesn't added CSS to games list, but I'm sure they would love to organize Latvian CSS qualifier just without any purpose.. :)
Latvian css? you're kidding me? there are only few teams in lv on that game
kesHanz crawl back to your crack..
lol ... camper strike :)
Cock Suck
whoooooa latvia iem nihoooia sebe
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