Crysis Wars Instant Action 1on1 Italian Cup

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Struttura dei match
Le partite saranno giocate usando la struttura BestOfThree, 10 minuti per round, z_anticheat (o pb_plist se non si usa la mod. EX) e scoreboard screeenshots caricati entro 24 ore dalla fine del match.

Lista mappe
1) Coast
2) Excavation
3) Poolday_v2
4) Industrial_v3
5) DeathArena
6) Aimmap_v4.2
7) BoxedIn
8) Sang9_office

Spostamento della partita
Ogni partita può essere spostata per un massimo di +4 giorni rispetto alla data prestabilita nel torneo. Tale spostamento dovrà essere concordato con l'avversario nella pagina del match stesso o mediante protest ticket.

Regole dettagliate & News


Current requirements:
  Sign up date For this league there is a fixed sign up date

Registration begins: 05/10/09 15:00
Registration ends: 12/10/09 23:59
  Gameaccount Players must have the following Game ID registered and up to date to play in this league. If your Game ID has changed, please make sure it is up to date.

Type: Crysis Wars PB GUID (click here to add)
min. members: 1
  Residence Your residence must be in the same country as the League.


Category: Cup
Rankingsystem: cup
Matchsystem: bestofthree
Match adjournment: 0 min. 4 days
Match abort: inactive
Autoconfirm: 60 min.
Protest period: 3 days
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  • 5.556.190 Registered Users
  • 2.402.960 Active Users
  • 1.173.560 Teams Total
  • 2.873 Matches Yesterday
  • 23.279.500 Matches Total
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