compatibility with w8?
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I'm using w8 and if when I wanted to install wire it's giving me a error message that my windows isnt as same as program requied.Do you know any solition for this?
Same Problem here.
My Pc can't run Bf3 under Vista because it laggs... ):
I need win8
Look this section, is not first topic windows 8/wire.

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ESL Wire will not support Windows 8 until Windows 8 is fully released.

ESL Community Manager :: therogue.org.uk
I dont understand why...... you say that like "fuck you" and the people with windows 8 have a problem to play... there's wire for windows 8 but not released by ESL oficial so today I see that there's and update and Im fucked up...
Is normal esl wire not support this version of windows, because is not released finaly version. And is also normal admin wire not officialy support.

Remove your wire and go manualy install is work.

Counter-Strike its my extacy !
It is not working for the last patch.
What error ?

Good luck for found help, but esl wire admin no help is normal emoticon-grin

Counter-Strike its my extacy !
Windows 8 is not released yet, so we will not support it yet. If ESL Wire is working for you, that's fine, but we will not help you get it running.

And one thread is enough!

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