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Company Contact

Contact to ESL

You can contact the admins via support ticket for any reasons. You can also contact them if you are not logged in.
If you have questions, suggestions or a complaining, so open a new ticket.

Premium contact

If you have any questions about ESL Premium or some problems contact the support and choose the category "premium"


For complains about admins and their behaviour contact the Complaints. Only employees of Turtle-Entertainment will handle this in the first level. Before you add an complaining make sure you already tried contacting the support for your question.


Contact to Turtle-Entertainment

Turtle Entertainment GmbH
Siegburger Str. 189
50679 Köln

Directors: Ralf Reichert
Registered at: Amtsgericht Koeln, HRB 36678

+00 000-000000-00

Community contact

Turtle-Entertainment is a growing company, which has a separate department for the issues of the community. The contact data below are not valid for any support. Please contact the Support or the Ombudsman.
DepartmentCommunity Management
PositionVice Director
ContactStefan Speedy Weber
E-Mailspw (at) turtle - entertainment (dot) com


Please contact Turtle Entertainment directly or choose your interest in the footer menu.

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