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We want to add an new custom scheme to our scheme list for more variety. It will be not so easy as the standard scheme is, but not so hard as the pro scheme is, in fact in the middle of them. This new scheme will take place in the new schemerotation for the new quick cup series, starting in march.

Do u've got any suggestions or wishes to add?
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Elite Scheme and T17 scheme

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could you be more concrete please?
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You couldn't know: Elite and Team17 are kind of oldschool and well known schemes in the worms community.


Especially Elite was one of the best and professional normal worms gamestyle schemes.

At the moment it's not possible to rebuild it because of some missing important features.

the wildest thing...
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WR Example E1ite Scheme

File name: Elite.xsc
File size: 1.93 KB


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Well i don't look for professional schemes (in case of harder), therefore we got the pro scheme. I'd like to create our own scheme including wishes from our community.
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