The Gold Winners of the 7on7 Ladder
The first month of the New 7on7 Ladder is over and we have 5 great Teams, who played the Most Matches in the hole month! The German Team wild 4 sports e.V. WoT played 79 Matches in the August and win 70.000 Gold. Congratulations to wild 4 sports e.V. WoT and the other 4 Teams!

The Gold Winners of the New Ladder

Thanks to all Teams who played in the new Ladder! We hope, you like the new ladder and play a lot of matches in the future!
To Claim your gold, please make a Support Ticket like this!

Example Support Ticket:

Section: Europe World of Tanks
Subject: Gold for 7on7 Ladder
Team (optional): Select your Cup Team

Hi Admin Team,

Here is the list of the players who receive gold.

Team: Your Ladder Team
Cup: 7on7 Ladder
Rank: 1 - 5
Place: XY

Here are the Gameaccounts:

Maxporwer, N00b, john, ...

Team Leader

Claim your gold here!

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Best regards
Your Admin Team
Venom, Tuesday, 04/09/12 00:36
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First of all congratulations to all the teams that won gold.

But, this is what i don't understand. So if a team plays 100 matches and loses all the matches they get the top prize of gold? so the team can be utter rubbish and still win the top prize?.

I for one don't agree with this at all, it looks like your rewarding bad teams who just play alot of matches who have no skill/team work.

Just a note, this is my opinion only and not of my team/clan.

Just to add if a team plays every team in the ladder and beats all of them, but has only played let's say 30 games do they deserve to win nothing?.
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I agree with you mathwat. This challenge has not good rules.
i think they was beeing every month? in september my team maks a lot of maches and nothing, now we havnt the time and yet they make the prizes i cant understand was it per month ore per quartal (3mounth) because we make in september the most fights and become nothing! can someone explain in what kinde of time esl maks the prizes? every mounth? every two mounths? every tree mounths? four or how they like to set a time? i didnt find it in the rules because my englisch is bad! sorry for my bad englisch i hop everyon understand what i mean in german it woud be much better :-D
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